Now, I can't take credit for anything on these pages. (Except for my own drawings and writings, I guess...and the webpage design.) So I'd like to thank everyone who contributed something to this page, but especially the following people:

Rekka-san: You've been the friendliest person in the RW/YST community! You've really made me feel comfortable, and I want you to know I appreciate it! Thanks for being such a great pal, and I hope I don't disappoint you as co-owner of the Nasuti Shrine! (plug, plug! Great site!)

Tiffany-chan: One of my bestest friends ever since the sixth grade! Here's to five awesome years as total otakus! I love writing stories with you, and you know it! Thanks so much for your contributions, and for being such a loyal friend throughout the years. I swear, once I recover from this surgery, we'll have a party, okay?

Kat and Royda-san: If it weren't for the Shrine, and your wonderful stories, I would never have made a site for this wonderful idea! I don't know who came up with it first, but you guys certainly did something with it! I hope you guys don't mind me making a follow-up page! Nothing will beat the original!

Rii-chan: Thanks so much for allowing me to post your lovely drawings as well! Please, keep up the good work!