Well, you are my bestest friend, I do believe, and I thank you for this friendship for the bottom of my heart. You are the one who cheers me up when I am, down. You are the one who listens to my stories, so I have the courage to let other people hear them, and you are always able to make them smile. It is for you that I write this story, I hope you enjoy it.

Love always and God Bless,


P.S. I'm sorry that I didn't write about Hikaru-sama, but I hope this makes you just as happy.



The Best Present Ever…
By Biffy

It was the calm before the storm, and Mia stood outside at her garden, looking out into the forest. She was at peace, for once during the weeks that the Dynasty had been at large. Mia inhaled deeply, letting the scent of flowers permeate her senses. Suddenly, the air darkened, and Mia felt a presence she had come to k now so well, but feared all the same.

Panicked she looked around, searching for the figure that she knew was present. Where are you? I know you are here somewhere….

Suddenly Mia heard the rustling of flowers behind her, but the rustling of flowers as they hit boots. Slowly turning Mia stood face to face with the one dynasty figure she didn't fear, but instead felt compassion for.
"What do you want here, the Ronins are all out searching for you…"
The warlord smiled, his copper hair wafting gently in the wind. " I didn't come looking for them Mia."
"Then why did you come?"

A smile spread across the warlords face and Mia suppressed her shudders, the sight of the Warlord of Cruelty smiling was enough to chill anyone to the bone.

"I came…" He paused and his voice grew soft, carrying the short distance to Mia like a feather on the wind. "For you…"


He nodded and stepped foreword picking Mia up by her waist and walking back into the forest. Mia tried to scream, but nothing would come out it was almost as though she wanted to go with Anubis. As they disappeared into the forest, Mia heard the returning Ronins, and the anguished roar of White Blaze as he saw the pair disappear into the blackness of the forest…



Melissa, also known as Mippa, ground her teeth in frustration, placing her pencil down. She was still stuck on her story, Yume ga Yume Nara, and the dream sequence she had just written did not aid in removing her writers block, in fact it probably blocked it more. It was intensely frustrating, not being able the think of what happens next. Maybe I can call Tiffany…Mippa looked at the clock and frowned. 10:30. When did it get to late? I can't call Biffy now, so I'll call her tomorrow. Mippa crumbled up the paper she had just written and sighed. I might as well go to bed, its late .



Mippa snuggled down under her covers, recalling the day which had just passed. It was her birthday, her seventeenth birthday, and she had received many presents: CD's, food, and a couple items she was to tired to remember….



Mippa awoke the next morning with a yawn, but her eyes widened when she realized she was not in her room. Where am I? Mippa stood up, and noticed a pair of slippers next to the bed. She decided not to put them on but peaked out into the hallway. The house looked familiar… with a frown she ducked back inside the room and walked over to a mirror. There her eyes widened with shock. She wasn't herself! She was Mia Koji! What was happening here?



Several hours later Mippa sat on the bed in Mia's room, her bed, dressed, but in shock. She wore not the perpetual pink cardigan and blue shorts, but a simple baby blue sun dress. How did I get here, what is going to happen to me…. what is going on here?

"Mia, hurry up, your going to miss your surprise!" Mippa heard the shout, and smiled weakly…That's Cye…

"What surprise?"

"What surprise? Don't you remember for your birthday. Its our present to you."

"Hai, I'll be down in a minute."



Mippa stood at the bottom of the stairs, the Ronins all smiling at her.

Ryo smiled. "The others are going to meet us there." He misread her questioning gaze, as she still tried to adjust to the change.


"The warlords and Kayura." Sage smiled. "Hmm, Mia's not that old yet and her memory is already going."

Mippa fastened a glare on Sage, who smiled.

"Lets go." Rowan propelled Mia towards the door.



"Mia, is something wrong? You haven't said more that two words for this entire ride."

Mippa was silent for a moment and then spoke? "Oh, am I suppose to comment on the lovely landscape which I gaze at through the blindfold?"

Snickering filled the car and Yuli laughed. "We're almost there Mia. You'll be able to see in a minute."

She smiled at the boy. It's almost as though I belong here…

She cringed as the car screeched to a halt. "Watch it, I don't want you damaging my car."

"Yes ma'am." Sage smiled as he helped Mia out of the car. "Now, keep your hands on my shoulders and trust me. I'm going to lead you inside."

Mippa complied and the brightness of her surroundings dimmed considerably. She frowned upon hearing soft music and the smell of roses filled the air.

"Where did you guys bring me?"

"You'll find out in a moment Mia." She smiled as she heard Dais.

"I'm not sure that I trust all of you, planning a suprise for my birthday."

"Why not."

Mippa turned towards the direction of the voice she heard, Kayura's voice, and smiled. "Because with these boys anything is possible."

"You have that right." Mippa heard the smirk in Kento's voice and frowned. What was going on here?

"You can open your eyes now." Sage turned Mia away from him, then everyone left the room. Mippa stood for a moment then slowly removed the blindfold, unsure if she wanted to know where she was.

With the blindfold having been removed Mippa blinked rapidly a few times, her eyes adjusting to the light.

"Happy Birthday Mia…" A voice which Mippa knew so well, but never thought she would hear talking to her spoke.

"A...Anubis…" Her hands flew to her throat. "But your…your…"


She nodded and he smiled. "I'm not dead, as you can see, I'm here in the flesh, and I would be honored if you would spend your birthday with me."

Her eyes filled with tears, her dreams and Mia's hopes where being realized. She, Mia, was the happiest she had been in months, and Mippa, there weren't words to describe how she felt.

It seemed like an eternity to Anubis as Mia just stared at him but finally she smiled. "Yes…"



Dinner was a hazy memory for Mippa, she remembered eating baked shrimp, covered in Italian breadcrumbs, and a salad, while drinking sparkling grape juice, or it could have been wine. Then they danced, alone in the restaurant, her head under his chin on his shoulder, his head resting on hers.

"I'm so happy to be back…I don't know what I would do without you Mia…promise me that you'll stay with me forever. Please."

There was a pleading note to his voice, that made the tenderness and love all the more evident. Mippa couldn't help but smile. He seemed so vulnerable.


She smiled up at him. "I promise."

A smile of pure joy spread over his face and he kissed the top of her nose before wrapping his arms around her in a fierce hug.

"I shall never let you go…"



Mippa awoke in her room, groggily she looked around and gasped as she noticed something on her bedside table. A single red rose, and a note. Picking it up she read…


Remember, I shall never let you go…