Mia's Christmas wish
By Angel Warlord



Mia finished putting the last ornament on the decorated
tree, smiling as she did so. This christmas was going
to prove to be a good one, she could feel it.

Yuli ran through the house screaming that Kento was going
to eat all the christmas cookies before he got any.

"Oh, you'll get plenty of them ,Yuli" Mia smiled as the
child pushed open the door to the kitchen.

Cye had helped Mia by making some food to keep most
of the Ronin's out of her way while she fixed up the
house. White blaze was stretched out on the floor sleeping,
but he proved not to be a burden.

"Mia!!! Kento ate all the cookies!" Yuli called from
the kitchen.

"Yuli, Cye made 5 dozen cookies, Kento couldn't have
eaten them all" Mia looked at him.

Yuli shook his head. "But he ate them all! Every last
one of them!"

Mia shook her head and put the ornament up.
"Theres Kento for you, why don't you go play with
White Blaze?"

Yuli smiled and the tiger and him ran outside.
Yes, this was the holiday sensation the land craved.
If only she could get Kento to lay off the food,
there should be a pleasant holiday.

Something lingered inside of Mia though. She had her
friends,ornaments, all kinds of christmas stuff, so what
was wrong? Why did she feel so empty inside when this
was supposed to be the best time of year.

Maybe it was because she couldn't help but remember
that day last year, when she had that encounter with
him. Why did she say him? His name was Anubis.

Mia shook her head again. His name IS Anubis, and always
will be. "No matter what happens Anubis, you'll always
be in my heart" Mia said softly. "I just wish you could
be here".

Why wasn't he here? Because of Kyra. Mia shook her
head. It wasn't Kyra's fault, but then how come Mia
couldn't be cheerful whenever she was around?