Mia's Christmas wish
By Angel Warlord

Chapter One


"Mia!" A familar young voice called, coming into her study.

Mia turned her attention away from the computer to look at the child.

"Yes, Yuli?" She smiled. "Why aren't you at home with your parents?"

Yuli shifted his weight to the other foot. "Their cleaning the house and
I got bored. Hey Mia, I have a question"

Mia turned back to the computer and answered with a "shoot".

"Would you mind if I spent christmas at your house?" Yuli shifted his weight
to his left foot again.

Mia didn't look away from the screen. "Kiddo, you'v got a great family and
a nice house, why spend your christmas here?" Mia typed down some reports on
her computer.

Yuli scuffed his feet on the carpet. "My parents are having a lot of buisness
friends over, it will be more like a buisness meeting more than christmas"

Mia turned her chair around. "I'm sorry Yuli, of course you can spend christmas
here" Yuli smiled, making Mia smile.


"I mean it Kento, stay out of the kitchen" Cye pushed his friend out of the kitchen.

"This will be the last time I tell you"

Kento crossed his arms. "I'm hungry"

Cye shook his head. "No food till tonight"

"Meany" Kento mumbled going outside.

"Hey, Kento!" Ryo called, walking up from the woods.

"Hey Ryo, whats wrong?" Kento walked over to Ryo.

Ryo looked around, as if he wanted to make sure no one was listening.

"Come here a second, I found something"

After a 10 minute walk threw the woods, a hat was found.

"Hey, Ryo, this hat looks just like-" Kento began.

Ryo nodded. "I know, but he's dead isn't he?"

Kento gave Ryo a *look*. "Get with the program Ryo, this
isn't some tv show where some dead guy comes back to
haunt us all"

Ryo rolled his eyes. "No duh Kento, but still..."

Kento put an arm on Ryo's shoulder. "Look man, Anubis is
dead, he's always going to be dead, and this is not his
hat! I think you need to lie down"

Ryo shook his head. "I mean it Kento, what if he came

"So, your saying some dead guy could be wondering around
the woods at this moment?" Kento asked.

Ryo nodded. "He could even be looking at us"

With that last remark, Kento ran up to the house quicker
than lightning.

Ryo shook his head. "Maybe Kento's right, the odds are
all against it"

As Ryo walks back up to the house, he turn around, sure
he heard a familiar jingle.


"No way Ryo, Kento and You have just been watching too many late night
movies. Honestly, I think you two need to go to bed when Yuli does" Cye
told Ryo as he sat down on a stool. "It's not humanly possible"

Ryo grabbed one of Cye's cookies, the ones Kento had been band from.

"I guess..We had better not tell Mia, huh?"

Cye looked at Ryo. "Well of course we can't tell her!"

"Can't tell me what?" Mia walked in the kitchen.

Ryo nudged Cye in the side, so that he would make up an excuse.

"We can't tell you what your christmas present is" Cye smiled.

Mia smile too. "All right, I'm leaving", and with that she did.

Ryo looked at Cye. "We got Mia Anubis for christmas?"

Cye sighed, afraid he might have to give Ryo mental care. "No,Ryo, That was
just a cover up. I don't think Mia would appreciate a dead guy for christmas"
Kento came in the room. "Cookies!!!!"

Cye grabbed the bowl before Kento could grab even one, and sat it up in the
high shelf of the cupboard. "No cookies for you"

Kento put on a sad face and plopped down in a chair, sulking.

"I'll tell you what Ryo got you for christmas if you let me have a cookie!"
Ryo gave Kento a mean look.

"No you won't, because your not getting anymore cookies" Cye told him, then
mumbled. "After eating 5 dozen cookies, it's a wonder your even alive"