Mia's Christmas Wish
By Angel Warlord

Chapter Three


She calls out to the man on the street
Sir, can you help me?
It's cold and I'm alone in this world
Is there somewhere you can turn me?
He walks on, doesn't look back
He pretends he can't hear her

-insert from Another Day.


Cye sat down in a burgundy chair, in the living room, tired
from walking around all day. Christmas was in 3 days and keeping
Kento out of the kitchen was becoming harder and harder.
"Hey, Cye, There is someone at the door for you" Kento's voice rang out.
Cye reluctantly got up from his comfy seat and opened the door, only to
trigger a net to fall on him.
"Kento!" Cye threw the net off of him and ran into the kitchen, only to
find his friend looking franticly for cookies.


"Come on, Sage. You can't tell me you don't think it's pretty strange that
all the sudden a dead guy shows up" Ryo leaned up against the wall of Sage's
"You don't have any proof that it's even him, it could just be someone
else's hat" Sage pushed his chair away from his desk. "It doesn't make
any sense"
Ryo looked out Sage's window, out towards the woods.
"I just wish, that it wasn't him"
Sage looked at his friend. "Why? Wouldn't seeing Anubis make Mia happy,
do you not want Mia to be happy? After everything she's done for us"
"It's not like that at all" Ryo turned back to Sage."I don't want her
to get her hopes up again, and then him let her down"
Sage got up from his chair and put a hand on his friends shoulder.
"Ryo, I don't want Mia to be let down any more than you do, but
we can't just jump to conclusions. Mia told us that Anubis fell off
the bridge and was dead, how can you argue with that?"
Ryo opened Sage's door. "I'm going to take a walk"

"Kento, I'm serious! If you don't untie me, right now!" Cye struggled to get
free of the ropes his "friend" had imprisoned him in.
"Not until I find where you stashed those cookies!" Kento kept looking threw

Mia typed in another report on her computer, her eyes felt heavy from
lack of sleep. She had heard Cye and Kento's war in the kitchen, but
was too tired to care. Christmas was near, but all she wanted to do
was to skip it. She didn't know why, she had this empty feeling.


Ryo had been walking threw the forest for about an hour, finnaly making
it to the spot where Anubis' hat had been.
"What? It's...Gone. That settles it, some dead guy is walking around this
forest" Ryo said, hearing a familiar metal jingle.

Christmas Eve came soon, everyone except Mia seemed happy. But then again, some
things aren't what they seem. After everyone was asleep, or so Mia thought, she
sat by the fireplace.
She felt, incomplete, like something was missing. If for just one night, she
could see him again, she would be able to move on.