Mia's Christmas Wish
By Angel Warlord


I can feel it
Coming in the air tonight
Hold on
And I've been waiting for this moment
For all my life
Hold on
Can you feel it
Coming in the air tonight
Hold on
Hold on

Well I remember
I remember, don't worry
How could I ever forget
The first time
The last time
We ever met
But I
Know the reason why
You keep me silenced so long
So the hate doesn't show, but the pain grows
Such strangers to you and me

-Insert from In The Air Tonight


At midnight Christmas eve, wich was really now considered Christmas, Ryo
snuck downstairs. He had mean't to find Mia, but he couldn't seem to find her.
Ryo walked outside by the lake. Mia was there, except she was dancing.
As if beautiful music was being played that Ryo couldn't hear, but she was
dancing as if she could hear it. Mia danced with a figure, whom you could
barely make out, as if he wasn't even there. Ryo didn't understand, but went
back inside.
Later that morning when Rowen asked Mia what she got for Christmas, she smiled.
Smiled for the first time in what seemed forever.
"I danced under the stars with Sh'ten"


I hope you all enjoyed this story, I don't plan on writing a sequal to it because
I think I had a pretty good ending. Feedback is welcome, as always.
The songs are ©opyright to Phil Collins, I'm simply borrowing them for
this story :)