Anubis's Destiny
By Canyon 315


Anubis had finally been able to repent from his evil ways. With the help of
the Ancient One, he survived his dark past and helped the Ronin Warriors save
the mortal world from the Dynasty. But he was only there in spirit when Ryo
and Herriol's White Armor killed Tulpa, for to save the last of the Ancient
One's clan, he had to sacrifice himself. His days spent as the Ancient One on
Earth had saved him from eternal damnation, and he now was with the Ancient
One. The Ronins had put away their armors and would fully enjoy the world
that they saved. But if the Ronins could defeat Tulpa and the Dynasty, who
knows what evil may challenge them now.
* * * * *
"Anubis?" A strange yet familiar voice called out to him.
He recognized that voice, from way back long before his warlord days.
"Christine? But I thought you were still alive."
"I am, brother. I'm here to bring you back to Earth with me."
"But I am dead, how can you bring me back to life?"
"The same way I can transfer here and still live on Earth. Please, you must
come back. A new evil's afoot."
"You need me to help the Ronins?"
"There's something different about this one. The Ronins can't detect its
presence. It's been surrounding them for weeks and they've said nothing. It's
not physical, more spiritual, but deadlier than the Dynasty. I was able to
sense it because of our family's powers, but the Ronins are only human. This
thing could take over without them knowing. We're the only ones who know but
I need you there to help me. They know you and trust you."
"Alright, I will come back with you."
"Thank you Anubis."