Anubis's Destiny
By Canyon 315

Chapter One

The Ronins were now living a peaceful life. They still lived with Mia, having
no place else to go, and unfortunately, Yuli still lived with them. When
Tulpa died, all of his captives were freed, but his parents fled to America
immediately after. They thought their son had perished in the attacks, and
never looked for him during their last days in Japan. Kento ran into them in
the city a few days before they left, but they denied everything about having
a son. Kento knew it was them, he had made no mistake, they had disowned
Yuli. Whether it was Tulpa or something else, whatever it was so powerful to
force parents to disown their son.
Kento went home and told Yuli and the guys what happened. Yuli tried to sneak
on a plane heading for America to be with his parents, only foster care
caught him, and was now waiting to be put in a boys' home. Kento loved the
brat and adopted him. The Ronins questioned his sanity to his face. Kento
said it was true Yuli was an annoying little brat, but he still loved him.
Kento always had a special spot for children, came from his father. Everyone
let him stay. The kid needed a family and the Ronins were all he had. They
had taken care of him all this time, what's more? Foster care wasn't as
convinced when they told them the story, but White Blaze proved to be
persuasive enough to let them keep him.
A few days after Yuli came home, Christine and Anubis dressed as the Ancient
were walking down the road toward Mia's place.
"Don't tell them why we're here just yet. I need time to figure this out."
Christine warned him.
"Right. How were you able to bring us out of death?"
"When Tulpa first took you in as a warlord, he made you immortal for the most
part. We were linked with the mind, and I shared your immortality. You lost
it completely when you rebelled from the Dynasty; I was able to keep a part
of it with help from the Ancient One. I gave it up to bring you back here."
"I see. What can you tell me about this new evil?"
She was interrupted by a roar of a white tiger. They had arrived at the
place, and White Blaze was the welcome party. White Blaze had been wary when
Anubis started hanging around claiming to be good. His sacrifice to save
Kayura was convincing but what to think now that he is alive and with some
strange girl? He gave them a hostile growl warning them to back off.
Christine started to walk away but Anubis' hand on her shoulder stopped her.
"Stand your ground. Ryo will be out to control him."
Instead of Ryo, someone else came to his side.
"White Blaze what are you growling at now?" Mia came running around the
corner, smack dab into Anubis and Christine.
Mia gasped. "Ancient One?"
Anubis lifted his hat, revealing his face. "Hello Mia."
"Anubis?" Ryo came running towards Mia. "What's going on Mia? Anubis! I
thought you were dead."
"I was but my sister Christine was able to bring me back."
"Sister?" Ryo and Mia said in unison. Even White Blaze seemed surprised.
"Hello." Christine said shyly.
Looks alone she was surely his sister. Twin sister to be exact. The only real
difference they could see was her hair was a dark, shiny brown, instead of
Anubis' fiery mane. Her face had a little bit different shape then his but it
was very similar. She was tall and a little less build then him.
Something passed on both Anubis' and Mia's faces when they saw each other a
few minutes ago. Christine noticed and so did Ryo; at least a slight jealous
expression showed up for a few seconds was her only proof.
Apparently Anubis had found an interest while trying to escape his dark past.
Ryo would surely be a contender but there were ways to make him forget.