Anubis's Destiny
By Canyon 315

Chapter Two

Kento, Yuli, Cye, and Sage had been shopping in the city when Ryo and Mia met
Christine and Anubis back from the dead. It was the same reaction with them,
but no one saw Ryo's slight pang of jealousy when he saw Anubis near Mia. It
was weird having him always busting on her yet falling in love at the same
time. Not so much busting now, with no evil to fight she could kick him out
and he'd be on his own looking for a place for himself, not exactly a good
time to be looking. The economy was shot after Tulpa attacked every time they
could rebuild. Oh well, Christine thought, he busted on her but Anubis never
did. He showed a slight if not more interest in her when Ryo never did.
Snooze you lose, but keep on snoozing and just maybe you'll get someone else.
It was slightly hard for Christine to set Anubis and Mia up when Ryo was in
the way. Anubis didn't want to get on the wrong side of his former foe. It
would be easy tonight though; Ryo was dead tired and went to bed early. Now
they were stuck. Mia caught Anubis on the balcony, looking out onto the
forest nearby. Something was here, waiting for them to feel completely safe,
when he would show himself.
"Anubis?" Mia joined him on the balcony. Without the boys around she felt
safe enough to ask him what she wanted to know since he had arrived. "Why did
you come back?"
Anubis turned to face her, eyes glowing. "How could I refuse a passage back
here?" He put her face in his hands. "Back to you?" He inched her face closer
to his.
Christine caught a glimpse of them kissing, and she could hardly keep her
composure for a minute; then that feeling came back. A feeling of pure dread,
something was happening, someone was gonna get it. The wind picked up an
eerie chill that sent shivers down her spine.
"He's here."
* * * * *
Ryo was his first victim.
~"Wow, look Ryo, a leopard!" His father pointed to one a few feet away from
the jeep. He was traveling with his father in Africa, who photographed wild
animals for various magazines. As he prepared for the shot, the leopard
pounced and maimed his father's body. If it weren't for the quick thinking of
the driver, Ryo would have been the next victim.~
"What's wrong with him?" Rowen was the first to hear Ryo's blood-curdling
screams and now witnessed his violent shakings. He, Sage, Cye, and Kento
tried to wake him from his nightmare but nothing worked.
"It's Kaitan, he has Ryo." Christine announced.
"How do we get him out of it?" Cye knew it was better to ask about Kaitan
"Ryo! What's the matter with him?" Mia shouted, taking in his pathetic state.
She and Anubis had come back to reality and heard Ryo's screams.
"Kaitan has Ryo. No time to explain now. We need to save Ryo. Anubis, copy
what I'm about to do." Christine commanded.
She went into a yen meditation and mumbled, "Casu, ginzu, riki hun swun. Gin
wha noriki gin shu wa!" Anubis did the same. They were inside Ryo's dream.
"Protect Ryo! Try to convince him it's just a dream!"
"What kind of power is this?!" Anubis shouted after her but it was too late.
Christine had taken off. Anubis found Ryo floating downward in some black
spiral. He was losing his life fast. On Anubis' command his staff changed
into his Armor of Cruelty helmet.
"To arms!" He shouted as he put on the helmet. His clothes transformed back
into the armor he had worn for most of his life.
"QUAKE WITH FEAR!" His signature attack destroyed the spiral as Ryo fell into
his arms. Ryo's breathing was becoming regular again. Kaitan's power broken,
Ryo was freed.
* * * * *
Ryo groaned slightly as he opened his eyes. He was back in his room. "It was
just a dream." He mumbled before falling back to sleep.
A great sigh of relief came over the room. Ryo was safe.