Anubis's Destiny
By Canyon 315

Chapter Three

"Master, here is Wildfire's energy!" The hunchback walked over to his ghostly
master and handed him a bottle. He walked like an ape his back was so
"I can't take it, you fool! I'm a ghost remember! I need energy to fill the
body mold so I can have a body!!" Kaitan's ghost scolded.
"Stupid me." Logan injected the energy into the mold. It barely passed the
knee cavities.
"We drained almost all his energy. A few more minutes and he'd be dead! It
should be filled with plenty of surplus!"
"Then we must steal more." Logan looked at his strangely. He expected his
master to be freaking.
Kaitan used his magic and a diagram of who was to be the next victims
"Lovely specimens. They should be chock full of energy!"
"If these five could destroy Tulpa's Dynasty then they are first on the list.
The other three won't have so much to give but I found some interesting
nightmares to torture them with."
"Kaitan you are pure evil!"
"When my body mold is filled I can walk in the mortal realm. With the Ronin
Warriors weak with all their energy drained I shall forever have the White
Armor of Inferno for my body. The mortal world will be destroyed and I shall
rule a new Earth!" Kaitan and Logan laughed at their upcoming victory.
* * * * *
"What was that thing that took over Ryo?" Cye, Sage, Kento, Rowen, Mia, Yuli,
Anubis, and Christine were on the balcony watching the sunrise; last night
still fresh in their minds. White Blaze refused to leave Ryo's bedside until
he was sure Ryo was OK.
"You seemed to know a lot about what happened Christine." Kento said.
"You're in for a big explanation Christine." Rowen replied angrily.
"Much as the Ronin Warriors protect the mortal world from Tulpa, the Star
Swordsmen defended our clan from Kaitan a thousand years ago. I am the last
survivor of the Star Swordsmen. Kaitan was created from the same evil sprits
as Tulpa was. Tulpa considered Kaitan his brother and they both ruled the
Dynasty and the mortal world. Djyn, the leader of our clan, picked a fight
with him, hoping he could finish him off. Djyn was able to escape his death
but he escaped after Kaitan swore he'd kill us all. Some time after, the
Ancient One defeated Tulpa and transformed his armor into the nine armors.
Kaitan shared the body with Tulpa; without a body his spirit could not walk
in the mortal world. To carry out what he had sworn to do he invaded the
clan's minds and drove us insane. Many died because of the intensity of his
attacks. The Star Swordsmen had no idea how to fight him and died along with
the victims. When Tulpa took Anubis in as a warlord, Djyn granted me the job
of bringing Anubis back, so I was saved from dying with my fellow warriors.
Anubis and I were very close growing up, and because of our closeness when
Anubis was made immortal I became immortal as well. Djyn's spirit told me
about Kaitan invading the mortal realm and Anubis and I were sent to help you
fight him."
"So if Anubis is a part of you clan would Kaitan have it in for him as well?"
Yuli asked.
"I'm not sure if Kaitan even knows that Anubis is alive. If he does, he most
definitely will get him."
Mia was leaning on the railing next to Anubis. She unconsciously placed her
hand over his to tell him she'd be there for him. Kento motioned to her about
what she had just did. Mia realized what she had done and left it there.
Kento gave her a thumbs-up. He looked forward to the day the ex-warlord would
find some peace at heart and Mia was an excellent one for the job.
* * * * *
Anubis turned around at the sound of Mia's voice. He was walking alone deep
into the forest. He didn't remember much about his past, not because of his
age of over 450, but because Tulpa had convinced memories of his old life
were irrelevant and he was only able to hold on to a few. Most of his life
before he began to fight alongside the Star Swordsmen was forgotten. He
wanted to find some peace to hopefully bring up some of those forgotten
"What is it Mia?"
"About last night, before Ryo…"
"Yes it was intentional. I admit that during our fight to help the Ronins I
developed feelings for you. I kept them in check before I died, but last
night I had no control. I hope you can forgive me."
"You came back mostly because of me?"
"I love you too Anubis."
"Excellent. Two for the price of one!" An eerie voice echoed thru the trees.
"Mia, get behind me." The sense of evil was everywhere now. Armed with his
staff Anubis was ready for battle. "Show yourself demon!"
"I can't do that just yet. For now, I will send someone in my place." The
voice answered. Badamon's nether sprits and Dynasty soldiers appeared.
Without warning one of the sprits entered Anubis' body and was taken away.
Mia grabbed the staff. Too long had she depended on others to come and help
her. She had watched many battles before and she felt she knew enough to
defend herself for now.
* * * * *
Anubis groaned in pain as he lifted himself off the stone floor. He was no
longer in the forest but in a stone temple of sorts. He couldn't see anything
but the place felt all too familiar though he couldn't identify where he was.
A box of kindling mysteriously sprouted a flame of blue fire, lighting up the
room. The light flickered off the walls, alerting Anubis of where he was:
Tulpa's throne room in the Dynasty!
"Welcome back Anubis. You won't be staying long this time."
No. Anubis had watched Ryo kill Tulpa. His spirit couldn't live after what
Ryo had done. He lifted himself off the floor to face the voice. The armor of
Inferno was in front of him with an empty face. Tulpa had taken control of
the White Armor.
"You are pathetic as a warlord and Ronin Warrior. You couldn't stop me nor
defeat the Ronins. You are nothing!"
"Where are the warlords and Ronins?"
"Everyone of them is dead, including the tiger, boy, and girl."
"MIA! NO!!"
"Don't worry you'll be joining them soon enough." Tulpa lifted the Furvor
swords high above his head, ready to bring them down on Anubis' neck.
Anubis could hear a faint sound of the staff clanking against armor. Its
volume grew until he could hear a woman grunting as she fought against
Dynasty soldiers. Mia was alive; this was one of Kaitan's tricks.
"QUAKE WITH FEAR!" His weapon passed thru the swords and armor as if it was
an illusion. The room disappeared as well. "I know it's you Kaitan!" He
shouted to air.
"You are one of the last members of the clan. I thought Tulpa or the Ronin
Warriors had been able to save me the trouble of killing you! No matter, you
and your sister will die along with the mortal world!" The space was filled
with Kaitan's intensity.
In an instant Anubis was transported back to where he last was. He could only
watch helplessly as a ball of energy hit Mia. The last thing she heard was
Anubis' shouting her name as she fell to the ground unconscious.