Anubis's Destiny
By Canyon 315

Chapter Four

Anubis lightly kissed Mia's lips as she slept on her bed in her room. She had
been sleeping for two days now.
* * * * *
Anubis gently lifted Mia into his arms and ran home as fast as he dared. He
saw Cye outside waiting for them.
"Torrent, call the doctor! It's Mia!" Anubis shouted to him.
Cye ran into the house and knocked Sage on his rear.
He bounded onto the coffee table in the living room and quickly dialed the
"Cye, that's my lunch, ya mook!" Kento was eating his lunch in the living
room and Cye now had his hot dogs with mustard on the bottom all over his
"Do shuttup Kento! It's an emergency!" Cye was silent as the doctor explained
"She needs immediate help! We can't get her into an ambulance! You need to
come here!" Cye yelled into the phone. The doctor wanted to send an ambulance
to pick her up and take her to the hospital. Every second wasted was another
second closer to her death.
"What's going on Cye?" Kento's tone was softer now.
Cye covered up the phone with his hand. "Kaitan attacked Mia and she needs
medical attention immediately."
Ryo entered the room and yanked the phone away from Cye. With a profane
choice of words Ryo convinced the doctor to make a house call.
He came in the door five minutes later. Ryo dragged him to Mia's room where
she was resting. The doctor threw Ryo out of the room and locked it.
"You'll pay for this Anubis." Ryo whispered angrily.
"Don't forget she and Yuli would be dead right now if it weren't for Anubis!
When we were in the Dynasty fighting Tulpa the first time, Anubis saved them
to prove he was on our side. Don't question Anubis' loyalties, because it
belongs to us and especially Mia!" Kento shouted at him.
Ryo ignored him as he ran outside. Mia could never love him; he was once a
"Who's been having all the fun without us?" Rowen, feeling cocky or as I call
it Lancey, walked inside the living room with Sage. Yuli was told what had
happened. He was lying on the couch with White Blaze taking a nap on the
floor next to him.
"Yeah, we found fifty empty Dynasty soldier armors outside." Sage said, also
feeling Lancey.
"From what Anubis tells me Mia wasted them all."
"Our Mia?" They asked in unison.
"Yup, the doctor's attending to her now." Yuli thought they knew what had
"Cye, what's going on?" Rowen asked.
"Kaitan attacked Anubis and Mia in the forest. Mia defended herself with
Anubis' staff and wasted all the soldiers. Kaitan threw an energy ball at her
and the doc says she's lucky to be alive. He doesn't know if she will stay
that way. He's been here for over two hours and barely sticks his head out
the door to tell us what's happening."
"Yuli's innocent ears heard Ryo's language as he convinced the doc to at
least come to the house and take care of her." Kento added. "Ryo was so
pissed he called him Tulpa."
'Tulpa' cleared his throat. He was done for the day. "Mia will be okay. She
will sleep a lot, and I mean a lot. I advise that no one disturb her during
her sleep. When she gets up she'll be very weak; it will be awhile before she
gets her full strength back. Call me when she wakes up and I'll run a
checkup." With that he left.
For two days White Blaze guarded her door and never left it, let's just say
Ryo had some major cleaning to do. Anyone who tried to enter her room dealt
with White Blaze, and not even Ryo could get in without a fight.
On the second day White Blaze let Anubis in without question. Even a tiger
saw the chemistry between the two, and because he was the only one home the
others would not be able to sneak in after him.
* * * * *
Mia's eyes slowly opened, seeing Anubis sitting next to her on the bed. She
placed her hand on his knee.
"Anubis?" She said barely above a whisper. Anubis took her hand into his and
kissed it.
"Are you alright?" He asked gently.
Mia nodded weakly. "What happened? All I remember is you disappearing with
the nether sprit." Her eyes teared up at the memory. "I thought I'd never see
you again."
"After I realized it was Kaitan's trick, he brought me back and fired an
energy ball at you. You've been unconscious ever since. I'll always be here
for you." He placed his hand over her heart. "Here as well."
Mia covered his hand with her own before she fell back to sleep.
White Blaze stuck his head thru the door, a questioning look in his eyes.
"She's alright, White Blaze. Just needs to get some rest." Anubis reassured
White Blaze let out a purr. He walked over to the bed and snuggled his head
underneath her hand. He propped his front paws on the bedside and licked her
"Don't tell anyone until she wakes up again. She doesn't need them disturbing
her. That energy ball has taken a lot out of her."
White Blaze nodded as he pulled a side of the blanket with his teeth on top
of the lower half.
"You aren't…"
White Blaze nodded.
"If Ryo catches me, he'll surely have my head."
White Blaze growled lowly as if to say he could take care of Ryo. She needed
him to get through this.
"Warn me when someone's coming. The wrong idea would spread rampant in their
adolescent minds."
White Blaze walked outside the room, his tail swished the door closed
silently behind him.
Anubis sighed as he watched White Blaze leave with a tiger-like smirk on his
Ryo would be furious, than again he was furious the day he came back. He
crawled into the bed beside Mia and took a nice long afternoon nap.