Anubis's Destiny
By Canyon 315

Chapter Six

"I knew I never should've came back. Ryo hates me, the Ronins hate me, Mia
hates me, what was the point of coming back?" Anubis asked Christine. They
were both on the balcony, watching and waiting for Mia to return. The stars
twinkled in the night sky.
"For one thing you were being so secretive I never knew about your feelings
for her until I saw it for myself! My God, you knew Ryo was jealous but
couldn't tell me until he went nutz!!"
"I'm sorry, not many knew what we shared at the time, I wasn't even sure she
felt the same about me. Ryo was jealous from the start, I just didn't know he
was this bad."
"Now you tell me!! I better go check on the beast anyway. The dart should
wear off soon." She pulled out a strait jacket. "He won't be a happy camper
when he comes to."
"I'll stay here and wait for Mia. Ryo will break out of the strongest hold
just to kill me."
* * * * *
"Almost done… I hate these straps! They're too confusing!" Sage complained.
"To make sure Ryo won't escape, it's gotta be tough to put on." Rowen
"Mia…" Ryo struggled to get up but found himself bound. "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE
TO ME!!"
"So we can control this temper of yours. It almost killed someone today."
"Meant for Anubis."
Kento socked him hard in the face. "ARE YOU REALITY-IMPAIRED OR WHAT!! MIA IS
"Kento, I think you should tackle the cheesecake in the fridge." Yuli
"Not even cheesecake will stop me from teaching him a lesson in how to treat
Everyone was stunned. Cheesecake wouldn't stop the bottomless pit from laying
off Ryo!? What was going on?
"Toss him in his room for the night. We'll see how he is in the morning." Cye
"I'LL GET YOU ALL FOR THIS!" Ryo shouted as he was thrown into his room like
trash. Ryo struggled to get out of the jacket, but he heard the door lock
from the outside.
* * * * *
White Blaze ran into the forest looking for Mia. She had been out here long
enough. It was time for her to go home. A nearby bushed rustled with the
wind. He looked behind it and found Mia asleep in a thicket. Her tear-stained
cheeks was the only sign of the pain she felt when he last saw her. She
looked peacefully asleep, almost as if someone was with her. He didn't have
the heart to wake her. He snuggled against her, warming her freezing body
with his own warm fur.
* * * * *
Mia woke up early the next morning. She mentally scolded herself for being a
mook and staying out all night. Everyone must be worried sick! White Blaze
stirred beside her.
"White Blaze? What are you doing here?"
'I stayed out here all night for you.'
She smiled. "Thank you White Blaze." She petted his head. "If only Ryo would
feel that way."
White Blaze nudged her in the direction of home.
"Alright, let's go!" She hopped on his back and White Blaze ran home.
* * * * *
"He's some stuff! He's been out here all night?" Kento asked Christine.
Anubis was stretched out on the balcony asleep.
"Yeah, it was quite the struggle to get him to sleep, much less leave. His
body won out on sleep but he's too stubborn to move."
"Easy man. He's worried about Mia. The dude's in love."
"Heavy-duty. I wonder why though, he was always reserved. I think Anubis gave
his feelings a little to quickly."
"Why do you say that?"
"In the clan before Kaitan started his attacks, Anubis loved a girl named
Nasty Yagyu. It took him the longest time for him to get past his crush into
a friendship and longer still to admit love. He was always like that and
since Tulpa didn't enforce human emotions, why now would he be this way?"
"It's been close to a year since we discovered Anubis was the Ancient."
"Kento, it took five years for him to get past his crush, two years to
establish a friendship, and ten years to admit he loved her from the start!"
"What are you saying then?"
"I'm saying it's just odd, but we're gonna see if Doctor Koji's files have
anything on her. My mind gets a little messed up when I go back that far."
Rowen might've got the same theory Christine was thinking, but Kento was not
Rowen by a long shot. He preferred to use his fists to break someone's back,
not analyze situations.
"Whatever. Hey look, White Blaze brought Mia back!" Kento pointed down to the
too. Mia didn't acknowledge them as she went inside the house.
"Ryo's really been screwing around her mind! C'mon Anubis. We've gotta talk
with her." Christine kicked him in the leg. When Anubis didn't get up she
kicked him harder.
" 'Nubis! NOW!"
"I'm getting up." He mumbled as he lifted himself off the ground.
"Which of you are the oldest?" Kento asked.
"I am, by about two years." Anubis announced.
"And to think an ex-warlord was bossed around by a girl, not to mention his
kid sister!" Kento laughed.
Anubis cracked a small smile, his first since the whole mess began. "Knock it
off Kento."
* * * * *
"We're sorry for what happened yesterday Mia." She met Rowen, Cye, and Sage
in the living room. Kento and Christine jumped down the stairs to meet her.
Anubis hid shyly in the corner of the upstairs. It was because of him she ran
off and spent the night cold and alone in the woods. He was the last person
she wanted to see.
"It's OK, really." She told her friends. Anubis' ears perked up. "It was my
fault as well for acting so childish. I had time to think it over, and I
forgive Ryo for what he did."
"It may be sometime before he says the same. He's locked up in his room with
a strait jacket on." Kento was not so easily forgiving.
"Whatever it takes to control him. It'll be a while before he can forget
He'll be stalking her if I know Ryo. He will never forgive me nor Mia. I'll
protect her from him. Anubis swore silently.
Mia saw him hiding upstairs. He ran away to hide in a room.
"Anubis!" Mia shouted as she ran up the stairs. "Anubis, please stay! I need
to talk to you."
Anubis walked out of the shadows into the light. His head hung in shame. "I'm
sorry Mia."
"Anubis, look at me." She lifted his chin to make him face her. His eyes were
full of tears and shame. Her eyes filled with tears as she saw his. "It's not
your fault I ran away. I love you; that's no reason to fear you. What Ryo
did, that's why I ran away. I didn't know what to do. Grandfather helped me
thru it. He told me to never doubt my love for you, because it's they only
thing that's pulling me thru this."
"I love you as well."
Ryo tried to knock down his door. He heard everything sick of it all. The
strait jacket prevented him from escaping the room, but the door would have
to be replaced eventually.
Anubis pulled Mia closer and Mia clung to him. She realized Ryo couldn't see
them and feeling cocky, she kissed Anubis and if the door wasn't shut and
locked Ryo would have seen it all. They didn't care; Ryo was not going to
keep them apart.