Anubis's Destiny
By Canyon 315

Chapter Seven


Christine was sitting at Mia's computer with Kento hanging over her shoulder.
They searched in vain for any information about Nasty Yagyu. Christine was
about to give up when Kento spotted something.
"Hold up! Click here." He instructed.
"Alright Kento! We've got something!" The hyperlink led to an article
entitled "Ancient Warriors". A shortways down the list of ancient warriors
there was a link leading to Star Swordsmen.
"OH YEAH BABY!!" They said in unison while high-fiving. It was profiles of
all the Star Swordsmen that ever existed. Their excitement dwindled as they
neared the end of the list with no sign of what they needed. As luck would
have it, the last listing was labeled Yagyu, Nasty.
"Got her!!" Christine shouted with glee.
The profile consisted of a short history and a picture. Kento and Christine
gasped in surprise. Nasty looked exactly like Mia!
"I was so right!"
"You never said a word about that one!"
"No offense, but considering how often Dais kicked you around by your brain
cells you wouldn't believe me unless I had proof."
"None taken."
"When I thought about it some more I realized she was one of the very last to
die in the battles against Kaitan. The day before she died is the day Tulpa
took Anubis in as a warlord. Dyjn had a mental bond between all members of
the clan. When one link died, part of his human self died as well, replaced
by spiritual magic. When we all are dead his human self dies and his sprit
self can go back to being a sprit."
"So Djyn's not totally dead because you and Anubis are still alive right?"
"I think so. If he is consider him to be like the Ancient One. Anyways, our
clan was one of the largest in Japan at the time. So by the time Nasty died,
Djyn had enough power to resurrect Nasty's spirit into a host body. He could
predict the future only by scraps of feelings because no one can predict
what's to happen and be totally right. I guess Mia was the one he chose."
"He chose her thru a thousand years? I have a major headache just thinking
about it."
Christine handed him some aspirin. "It's about to get worse. If I'm right,
Yuli is one of us as well."
"Why do you say that?"
"I remember a small boy fighting with us. He lasted pretty long because Djyn
didn't want a boy going fighting against Kaitan. Why else would Yuli be with
"Could that be why his parents left him here? Because his destiny was to
fight against the Dynasty?"
"Maybe, who knows? Shoot, maybe Tulpa ridded their minds of the memory of him
or something. No one can really say with Tulpa."
A few more clicks on the mouse and they found what they were looking for.
"Good news Kento, Jin is Yuli. See?" A picture of Yuli's look-alike twin
appeared on the monitor.
"OK. When are we telling them about this?"
"We DON'T tell anyone about this. They have to find it out for themselves."
"What if we need their help in battle or something!"
"Then they'll find out either before or during that time. It'll be alright,
just let them figure it out for themselves."
"OK, if you say so."
"Maybe you and I could down to the Hard Rock for a dinner some night. All you
have to do is keep your mouth S-H-U-T! Got it?"
"Hardrock's going to the Hard Rock!" He danced out of the room and collided
with Cye.
"You sure you have brains? Nobody would be brave enough to take Kento there!"
"He'll be alright. Maybe I can sweeten the deal and have Anubis and Mia come
with us."
"I'm sure Mia will love that!"
"Let's find out!" She and Cye left to go tell Mia and Anubis the news.
* * * * * *
~Sage was walking around the city streets. He passed by his favorite fruit
stand and snatched the usual fruit when the stand owner wasn't looking. He'd
been doing that ever since he realized he could pull a fast one and not be
caught; since he was a little kid. He looked in his hand and saw he had a
lime, not a lemon. Lemons were his favorites and he always made off with one.
He shrugged it off and ate it anyway. He made his way to his favorite street
corner. There, he was able to flirt with the girls and even make a date at
times. At least one girl swooned over his looks whenever he went there.
Today, he'd been standing there for over an hour and not one girl paid him
any mind. A few thousand guys did though. No way! It's just a coincidence I
grabbed a lime! He thought wildly. After a while he lost all control and
could only watch as he walked with some guy to his apartment.~
Sage's bloodcurdling scream woke the whole house, though some decided to
ignore it and go back to sleep. Mia was so surprised she fell out of bed and
hurt her back. Groaning, she glanced at her alarm clock. It was 2:30 AM!
"WHAT'S GOING ON HERE!!" Those brave enough to stay in bed for Sage jumped
out on the spot for Mia. She was angry and nobody wanted to get in her way.
She watched Kento slug Sage to wake him up. Sage still continued screaming.
"For our sakes SHUTTUP!!" Kento shouted in his ear. It didn't do a thing.
"Just bring him out back. Rowen, use arrow shock wave to wake him up. I'm
going back to bed and NOBODY wakes me until noon." Christine mumbled before
hopping back into bed.
Rowen did as he was told and as predicted, Sage stopped his incessant
"What's this about Sage?!" Kento was cracking his knuckles ready to pound in
his face.
"I dreamt I was full-blown gay." He admitted.
Kento socked him one right in the jaw and went back to bed. That was the
stupidest excuse to ruin his good night's sleep. Now that he was spoiled and
had a regular sleeping pattern back, no one, nobody, and nothing was to
interrupt it without a very good reason.
* * * * *
"Sage of the Halo proved to be a worthy target." Kaitan said as he watched
Logan inject his energy into the body mold. "For a Ronin Warrior he was much
too easy to get all this energy. Even that fool Ryo was hard to get."
"Yes master, but he has Inferno power. It will do you well in battle."
"That's true Logan. Remember to avoid Christine's energy. The slightest drop
would be my undoing."
"What about her brother Anubis? What little we did get from him I put in the
"Do not worry. His armor of Cruelty once belonged to the Dynasty, as did the
Ronin armors."
"I see. The boy and the girl aren't a part of the Dynasty. A lot of what is
inside the mold is mostly hers."
"They'll have no effect on me. They are neutral. They will only make up my
armor. Even the tiger's energy is sufficient."