Till the End of Time
Anubis and Mia's Honeymoon
Part 4

    A few days have passed since the encounter with Adrien.  Lady Kayura returned to the Netherworld to not only resume her duties as the last of the Ancients, but to give Anubis and Mia their privacy, seeing how it was their honeymoon and all.  Although at first she was reluctant to leave.  She was worried about Mia and the whereabouts of Adrien.  Anubis had gone and searched nearly the entire area but found no trace of the enigmatic assassin or his ninjas.      Of course Kayura stayed behind with Mia in the lake house.  But what she and Anubis found odd was that Mia acted as though nothing had happened.  When
she had first awoke on the night of her return from Adrien's castle, she seemed quite surprised to see Kayura at the house.  Even when both Anubis and Mia questioned her about Adrien, she was shocked that they happened to know about Adrien...

    Mia looked up with a start, glancing at Anubis.  She saw that they were  standing out on the dock of the lake.  Behind them, the lake house stood.   The red jeep was parked beside it as always.  Inside the living room light was on, giving the "home away from home" effect.  Unsure of what to say to Anubis, she murmured, "Something wrong?"
    "What is wrong?" Anubis asked, trying to hold back his frustration.
   "Nothing's wrong," she replied calmly, gazing out at the lake's surface.  The moon's silvery rays shined upon the water, making it shimmer.
    Anubis sighed heavily.  That's all she said whenever he asked what was the matter.  Nothing's wrong.
    No, something was wrong.  He could feel it.  He was told that on honeymoons, the happy couple would spend their time together, being intimate, romancing one another, and that sort.  Yes, that did happen the first couple of days.  After Mia returned from Adrien however, she seemed rather distant.  Often when he would give her a hug or kiss, she would brush him aside, making an excuse to leave.  Other times when she would return his affection, it seemed expressionless.  Her kisses were crude and her hugs felt cold and empty rather than warm and fulfilling.
    "I'm going inside."
    Anubis shook his head, forgetting his thoughts.  He turned and discovered that Mia had made her way off the dock.  He sighed and followed her.  "Mia, stop.  We need to talk."
    The young woman frowned, her blue-green eyes dark.  "Why?  There's nothing to talk about."
    "You know very well what we need to talk about," Anubis growled.  "Ever since you came back, you've been acting strange."
    Mia was taken back.  She looked as though she had been slapped across the face.  "How... strange?!  How can you say such a thing?"


    "Master, it's working," the ninja announced.
    Adrien was leaning against the cold walls of his domain, his eyes gazing upon the mysterious green fire.  Within the flickering flames he saw the image of Anubis and Mia on the dock.  He smiled.  "Yes, it is.  My powers combined with those of the Cessation Stone has indeed done a wonderful job."
    The ninja laughed.  "And soon, you shall get your prize and rule the Dynasty's Underworld!"
    "Yes!  You are correct! I shall...  r-rule with an iron fist..."
    The ninja turned and discovered Adrien kneeling on the ground.  His hand was over his right eye which was glowing a strange color.  He panted heavily and groaned.
    "Master! Shall I--"
    Adrien shook his head.  "No...  this is wrong...  Mia, I'm sorry...  I won't do...  ARGH!"
    The young man's body was suddenly consumed in a pale light.  The ninja hissed and took a few steps back.  The light washed over the entire room like a huge tidal wave.  Yet this only lasted for a few moments.    The light faded into the darkness and Adrien stood.  The ninja was in a state of epilepsy on the solid granite floor of the keep.  Adrien simply ignored the ninja and gazed at the fire once more.
    "Enough of this," he snarled, both eyes glowing blood red.  "Time to take this into action."  With that said, he lifted his hand and snapped his fingers.


    Mia cried out as pain electrified inside her head.  She clutched her head and sank to the ground.  Her whole body trembled as she felt immense pressure. Crushed by the thoughts of others, she couldn't keep them all out.  She heard voices shouting from all around.  She could no longer hear her own thoughts.  However, one particular voice boomed throughout her head.
    "MIA!" Anubis cried.  He knelt beside her and gathered her in his arms.  "Love, what is it?  What's the matter?"
    Mia lifted her head and her eyes widen.  She saw Kayura standing behind Anubis.  She had her arms wrapped around his neck, embracing him from behind  like one lover would do for another.  "W-What is she...?"
    Anubis frowned.  "Mia, what are you talking about?"
    He turned around and saw no one.  Mia suddenly gasped as she saw through her eyes, Anubis turn around and smile at Kayura.  She watched helplessly as the two gazed at one another and move their heads closer together as though
for a kiss...
    Mia shoved Anubis away and scrambled to her feet.  Anubis, totally in a state of confusion, stood up and faced her.  He shouted, "Mia!  Please, what has gotten into you?!"
    ::See?  He loves the traitorous blue-haired witch, not you::
    "None of this is real!" Mia cried as she squeezed her eyes shut.  She shook her head and exclaimed, "Who are you???"
    Anubis rushed to her side but she slapped him away with such surprising strength.  She held her head in her hands and slowly sank to her knees, trembling.  Opening her eyes and lifting her head, she gasped as she she saw Anubis and Kayura holding one another and laughing at her.
    "Such a weak girl," Kayura hissed as she rested her head on Anubis' shoulder.
    He chuckled and added, "Yes she is.  I must have been drunk out of my mind to ever fall for such a coward as her!"
    Mia shook her head violently. "NNNOOO!!!  Shut up!  Shut up!  SHUT UP!"
    Anubis drew back as Mia got to her feet and glared at him, fists shaking at her sides.  Her beautiful blue-green eyes were filled with tears.  Dear god, he didn't know what was going on!  No...  but he did know who was beind this.
    "Curse him," Anubis hissed through clenched teeth.  "Adrien!  Come on out--NOW!"
    The former Warlord quickly changed into his subarmor and not a moment too soon, for Adrien appeared beside Mia.  Anubis rushed to her side but a strong force sent him hurling back.  He slammed onto his back and was sent sliding
hundreds of feet.  It was only when he crashed into the side of lake house that he stopped.
    "A-Anubis!" Mia screamed.  She started to follow him but Adrien placed a hand on her shoulder and drew her back.  He shook his head.
   "Don't go to him," he said to her in a calm, casual voice.
    The young woman scowled.  "Let me go, Adrien!"
    "I don't understand.  How can you even think of helping him when you just saw him and Lady Kayura--"
    "It's not real.  None of it is.  Anubis loves me and would never do anything to hurt me."
    Mia closed her eyes and shook her head slightly.  The dizziness and distortion gradually began to fade.  She opened her eyes and without another word, she raced over to where Anubis was.
    "Impossible," Adrien whispered to himself in disbelief.  She really does love Anubis, he thought to himself.  No, but she was mine first!  If it wasn't for me, she or Dr. Koji wouldn't have known much if anything about the Netherworld and its people!  This is no good.  Time to go back.
    With those thoughts, he vanished into thin air.
    "Where did he go?" Anubis wondered as he peered through the torn wall of the living room.  If anyone else had been thrown into a house like he had, they probably would not have made it; if so, however, they would have suffered from multiple broken bones, gashes, bruises, etc.  Anubis was not like anyone else though.  He was very strong and invulnerable to most
physical attacks.
    Behind him, Mia sighed.  "Anubis, I'm sorry about what happened.  I-I couldn't think straight or..."
    "No love, it wasn't your fault."  He turned around and faced her, a warm
smile on his face.  "Adrien did something to you while you were taken from me.  Don't worry though, I promise you we'll figure a way out of this.  How do you feel now?"
    "Horrible," she murmured.  "Oh Anubis..."  She felt her eyes water but she brushed them away with the back of her hand before they could fall.  "I promise I'll make it up to you...  if only I had realized it... I..."
    He silenced her with a long, tender kiss.  He slid his arms around her waist and drew her close while she wrapped her arms around his neck to lean into the kiss. Afterwards, the two simply held one another as the sun began to set.

To Be Continued