Full Forever
Chapter One


Mia lay in the sun with her eyes closed. She and the
Ronins had decided to take a trip to a water park. Mia had
worn her favorite bathing suit. It was a nice, slim fitting,
black bikini and all the men looked at her when they passed by.
The five Ronins had all jumped into the wave pool and were just
goofing off, while Mia decided to work on her tan. She opened
her eyes and stood up. The cement of the water park was hot,
but she walked across it towards no place in particular. She
thought she would go check out the lazy river they just put in.
As she walked towards the lazy river, several men gave wolf
whistles and various other noises. She smiled to herself. She never
got this kind of treatment at the mansion with the Ronins. She was
getting closer to her destination when she heard someone say.
"Looking good as usual Mia." She turned around and to her
amazement, she saw Anubis! Her eyes widened.
"Anubis?!" Anubis smiled at him and Mia smiled back. "I never
expected to see you here. Are the others here?" Anubis nodded.
"Yeah, they're off somewhere or other." He looked around and
noticed a few guys gawking at Mia. "You sure are popular with all
the guys." This made Mia blush slightly.
"I'm glad to actually be noticed for a change." She thought about
how most of the Ronins ignored her around the house.
"So, are the Ronins with you?" Mia laughed softly.
"Yeah. Come on, I'll show you to them." Anubis nodded as Mia
led the way back to the wave pool. When they arrived, the five boys
were the only ones left. Apparently, they had run everyone else off
with their mock fighting and extremely immature behavior. She rolled
her eyes.
"Hey guys! Guess who I ran into?!" Everyone looked over at her
and their jaws dropped open when they saw Anubis. Anubis grinned
slightly. Someone put their hand on Anubis' shoulder.
"Hey, we've been looking for you." When Cale saw Mia he murmered
to him. "Whoa....." Anubis held back his laughs. Mia gave Cale a look
as if saying, -I heard that!- Cale looked up and saw the Ronins.
"Hey...funny meeting you guys here." The five boys jumped out of the
water and walked over to the others.
"Never thought I'd see you guys here." Ryo commented. Everyone
started talking at once and Mia decided to let them catch up. She
walked back towards the chair she had been sitting in and when she
reached it, she sat down and watched as the four ex-warlords and five
ronins were chatting about everything. Suddenly, she had a weird feeling.
She couldn't explain it, but she suddenly felt really uncomfortable. She
looked around her, and saw nothing but people enjoying themselves and
water. She shrugged the feeling off and watched as Ryo and the others
were all talking.
Suddenly, the wind started to pick up and her hair was blown around
her in wisps of auborn. Rowen noticed Mia's discomfort and called out
to her.
"Hey Mia, what's wrong?" Mia looked over at him and then up at
the sky.
"I don't know...something's wrong...something's very wrong...." She
murmered. The nine warriors all gave eachother worried looks. Suddenly,
the ground started to shake. Mia yelped slightly and jumped up. She
slowly backed away from the water.
"Guys....." She was looking at the water and the nine warriors
looked over and gasped. The water was taking shape. It had become
a blue creature with long fangs and sharp claws. It was light blue with
a dark blue belly and dark blue hair. It had two, red eyes which were
glowing. Everyone in the park screamed and ran to the exits as the
creature let out a blood curdling, blood thirsty screach. It stood
on it's two feet like a human, only it was about five times the size
of a normal human. It snarled as it surveyed it's surroundings. When
it saw Mia, if made a gurgling growl and started to unsteadily walk
towards her.
"Mia!" Sage yelled. He and the others ran to Mia's protection.
Anubis stood before her and the others around them. Mia looked wide eyed
at the beast. By this time, everyone but the nine warriors and Mia had
left the park. The strange creature stopped and surveyed the nine young
men. It's eyes returned to Mia. Kento clenched his fist.
"Hey guys, let's bust this dude!" Everyone agreed and were instantly
in their subarmors. The creature growled as if it were being annoyed.
"Stay out of this. It is her my master wants." It said in a
slithery, watery voice.
"Whoa, it can talk!" Cale said shocked.
"Anubis, do you see what I see?!" Dais yelled in surprise. Anubis
"Yeah....it's one of those water creatures...who was it who had
them again...." He tried to think. Mia watched uneasily as the creature
just looked at her. Unknown to her, a trickle of water had been slowly
moving towards her. The creature was controling the water. Mia jumped up
as she felt something touch her foot. Everyone looked at her and gasped
when they saw some tentacle of water just milimeters water from Mia. Upon
being noticed, the tentacle lost its form and splashed to the ground as
water again. Now Mia was getting worried.
"Ronin Warriors, to arms!" Everyone transformed into their armors,
even the warlords. Cye looked at the others.
"If this thing can control water, I can't use my Supah' Wave Samshah'."
Anubis nodded. The water creature gave a harsh laugh.
"You pathetic humans cannot keep me from my task."
"Wanna bet?" Seckment challenged. Ryo jumped into the air, swords
ready. The creature dodged him, but Kento came up from behind him ,
weapon ready. The creature barely dodged Kento's blow and jumped over
him. Anubis took action.
"QUAKE....WITH FEAR!!" He shouted as he jumped into the air.
Chains immediately encaptured the creature and he struggled against
the chains.
"I will not let you all defeat me!" He broke the chains and Rowen's
mouth dropped open.
"That can't be good." He dodged one of the creatures punches and
Cye jumped just in time to miss the creature claws. Ryo jumped into the
air while it was distracted.
"FLARE...UP NOW!!" The wall of fire headed straight towards the
creature. But instead of destroying it, the flames melted away in the
water. The creature charged at Ryo and used his claws to tear open part
of his armor. Ryo was thrown down to the ground. Taking his chance,
Seckment took action.
"SNAKE FANG STRIKE!!" His attack hit the creature head on and it
screamed in pain. Seckment grinned. He knew his poison would kill it.
The creature screamed in pain and let out a cry of agony. It weezed in a
struggled breath.
"You may have killed me....but there will be others...." Then
it collapsed and it's body shattered and returned to normal water.
Mia was frightened. The warriors withdrew their armor.
"You ok Ryo?" Rowen asked. Ryo stood up and his armor healed
"Yeah. Man, that guy had some sharp claws." Dais turned to
"Are tou alright Mia?" Dais asked her. She nodded.
"Yeah...I'm fine...what was that?" Anubis sighed.
"I'm not totally sure of it....but we'll explain when we get
back to the mansion."