Full Forever
Chapter Two


Everyone had changed into normal clothes and were now gathered
in Mia's living room. Mia looked over at Anubis.
"Alright Anubis....what was that thing?" She asked with
determination in her voice. Anubis looked over at Dais, then back
at Mia.
"Well, I'm not sure, but I think that was a morpha." The
Ronins and Mia gave him a weird look. Anubis sighed. "A morpha
a strange creature that takes the form of several elements. The
one we saw was a water morpha. There are many others such as an
earth morpha, fire morpha, air morpha, shadow morpha, and lots more.
If I remember correctly, they answer to one master. Djinn." Dais
took over for Anubis.
"But Djinn isn't one person, it is an entire race. Even Talpa
feared these creatures, so he banned them to another realm. No Djinn
can travel to the mortal or nether realm now, but morphas can go to any
realm with ease, whether it be the mortal realm....the nether realm...or
the realm between...the realm of the Djinn."
"Djinn are pure evil and more powerful than you could ever
imagine. A single Djinn could easily destroy the mortal realm
on a whim. However, there is not a way for them to travel to this
realm yet." Seckment continued. Then Cale spoke.
"The Djinn have decreased in numbers very rapidly. Only a handful
remains, but they are still very dangerous. They should be easier
to beat, but they are still dangerous." Anubis finished up fro them.
"We have to either detstroy them or close off any way they could
possibly have to the mortal realm, or the nether realm."
"So these guys are bad news right?" Rowen asked. Seckment
"A single one of them has enough dark powers to destroy this
realm and the nether realm as if it were nothing." Mia frowned
"Then, what do they want with me?" Cale smirked.
"Dunno. Maybe they just htink you're cute." Anubis gave Cale a
sharp look which made him flinch.
"Very funny Cale." Mia sighed. Ryo put his hand on her shoulder.
"Don't worry Mia, we won't let them get you." Mia smiled bac at him.
She knew they would all protect her.
"I know." She turned to the ex-warlords. "I suppose you all will
want to stay here for the night?" Dais nodded.
"If it isn't too much trouble." Mia smiled.
"No, not at all. Let's see....one of you can bunk with Kento
and Cye....one on the couch...one can squeeze into Sage, Ryo and Rowen's
room...but there's still one more left..." She started to think about it.
"I got it! Someone can stay in my room." Everyone gave her a
surprised look.
"Mia...that isn't a good idea. Couldn't two of them bunk with
Cye and Kento?" Asked Sage. Mia shook her head.
"Cye and Kento's room is smaller than yours. There isn't enough
room. Besides, it's not like anything is going to happen. I trust
these guys and you do too. There is another bed in my room ya know.
It's not like we're sleeping in the same room." Mia gave Sage a,
-don't worry, everything will be fine- look. He didn't like the
idea, but if Mia was ok with it fine then. Anubis spoke up.
"I thought your home was rather large. Aren't there anymore rooms?"
Mia sighed.
"Well....two of the extra roms were turned into armor rooms, one
a training room, one has all the exercise equipment in it, two of them
are game rooms, and one of them was turned into another study. There
isn't any room in any of them to sleep." Before anyone could protest,
Mia thought it all out.
"Alright, this is how it will work. Cale, you'll be in Kento
and Cye's room, Dais on couch, Seckment in Sage, Rowen and Ryo's
room, and Anubis will be in my room. There, it's settled." No one
argued with Mia. She had that effect. When she made up her mind,
everyone knew it was for the best. They all scattered about the house.
The warlords to find out where they were sleeping and the Ronins to
just relax for a bit.

"I still don't like it." Rowen murmered to Sage. Sage
"Me neither, but Mia can take care of herself. She's with
Anubis. He won't try nothin'. At least I hope not." Sage sighed.
"Come on, let's go see if anyone needs help finding their way around."
Rowen shook his head, trying to accept the idea, and followed Sage out
of their room.

Mia was standing out on the balcony and trying to think of
what to do. She knew Anubis wouldn't do anything, so she was ok
with him sleeping in her room. She trusted the other warlords too,
but Anubis seemed the most trustworthy at the time. Mia jumped when
she htought she heard a growling noise. She look at the forest and
squinted. She could have sworn she saw something move. She was broken
from her thoughts when Cale walked out onto the balcony.
"Hey Mia." Mia smiled at him.
"Hey Cale." Cale noticed her looking for something.
"See something?" Mia gave up her search and shrugged.
"Must have been a bird." Cale nodded.
"Probably. The guys said to get you because they wanted to
go out to eat tonight." Mia nodded.
"Alright." She and Cale turned and walked back inside,
not noticing the dark green and brown creature watching them
from the forest.