Full Forever
Chapter Three


After everyone returned from eating out, they all retired
to their rooms. It was close to midnight and everyone was asleep.
Suddenly, Mia gasped in her sleep. She awoke from a nightmare.
She reached over and turned on the lamp beside her bed, momentarily
forgetting about Anubis, whom was sleeping in the bed across the
room. Mia sat up and put a hand to her forehead, trying to forget
the dream. Anubis opened his eyes and squinted over at Mia.
He noticed that her breaths were very unsteady.
"Mia?" He murmered. Mia looked up at him.
"Oh....sorry Anubis...I forgot you were in here." Her
eyes were red and it looked like she had been crying. Anubis
sat up in bed.
"Mia, are you ok?" He asked with concern. Mia's voice
was unsteady.
"Yeah...I'm fine...I just had a bad dream...that's all."
Anubis could tell she was upset. He stood up from his own bed
and walked over to hers. He sat on the edge of the bed beside
her. He looked at her, concern filling his eyes.
"Maybe you'll feel better if you tell me about it." Mia looked
up at him and held back tears.
"It's the same dream as a few days ago.....all the Ronins are
trying to protect me from some weird thing but they are losing the
battle....it's so horrible.....they're all dying because of
me.....because I can't defend myself....it's so detailed....I can
still hear them battling and crying out in pain....even when I wake
up." Tears filled her eyes and she put her face in her hands.
Anubis gently put his arms around her and pulled her against him.
"It's alright Mia, I'm here for you. It will be alright, I
promise." Mia barried her face on his bare shoulder (he was wearing
boxers) and wrapped her arms around his neck. He hugged her against
him and let her calm down. Mia looked up at him.
"I'm sorry...." She murmered. Anubis smiled at her softly.
He put his hand to her cheek and gently brushed her tears away.
"Are you alright now?" He asked, brushing her cheek with his
hand. Mia nodded.
"Yeah." She smiled slightly. "Thank you Anubis." Anubis smiled
at her. He slowly let go of her and she looked down at her.
"You should get some more sleep now." He said softly. Mia lay
her head back down on the pillow and Anubis pulled the covers to
her mid stomach. He leaned over and kissed her forehead softly.
Mia was surprised by this, but she smiled at him. He smiled warmly
down at her.
"Sweet dreams....." Anubis said gently as he walked back
over to his bed and slowly climbed back in it. Mia closed her eyes
slowly, wondering how Anubis made her feel so much better when she felt
so bad.

After Mia took a shower and dressed, she went downstairs. She
saw some eating breakfast, others just sitting around. She saw Anubis
and gave him a friendly smile. Anubis smiled back at her. She walked
into the ktichen and Anubis followed her.
"Feeling better?" He asked. Mia nodded.
"Much better, thanks." She smiled at him and he smiled back at her.
Mia continud walking until she reached the deck. She walked outside and
sat on the stairs. Anubis sat down beside her. Mia sighed softly.
"Thank you Anubis....for what you did last night." Anubis smiled at
"Think nothing of it." He looked out at the forest. "Seems like none
of those morphas have made a move yet." Mia nodded.
"Yes, I suppose they either gave up or are planning their
next move." Anubis nodded.
"Probably." He looked over at her and their eyes met. "No matter what,
I won't let anything happen to you." Mia stared into his gorgeous eyes
and was lost in their gentleness.
"I know you'll keep me safe...." She smiled warmly at him. Anubis
watched her longingly. He finally stood up.
"Well, I'm going inside. You be careful alright?" Mia nodded and
watched him go back inside. She sighed softly. Something about his eyes
just made her melt. She looked out over the lake and watched the sun
shimmer on its surface. Her thoughts were broken when she heard a blood
thirsty call from the shadows of the forest. She jumped to her feet
when she saw a creature, much like the one she saw at the water park,
emerge from the forest and advance towards her.
"Oh crap." She murmered as the creature, now dark green and brown
instead of blue, snarled. Sage and Ryo ran outside.
"What was that?!" Yelled Ryo. Mia looked at them, then back at
the creature.
"Does that answer your question?" She asked. The others quickly
ran outside and Mia backed away from the creature. "Let me guess, an
earth morpha?" She asked Anubis. He nodded.
"Yep." He answered her. Instead of attacking them, the creature
laughed harshly.
"I have a message from my master." It said in a strange, struggled
voice. "He requests that you hand over the woman you call Mia. He is
willing to make a deal with you." Ryo shook his fist at the creature.
"No deal! We'll never hand her over!" Everyone stood protectively
around Mia. The earth morpha only continued.
"My master is willing to give you eternal life, unlimited powers,
power to conquer the world if you will just hand over the girl." He
drew back his lips, exposing his long, sharp teeth. Mia trembled
slightly. Anubis stood close by her.
"Go to hell!" Anubis yelled. "You're not getting anything!
Especially not her!" The creature's yellow eyes flashed with anger.
"My master is angry with you. His anger flows through me and
will make me more powerful." He flexed his claws as his eyes pulsed
a glowing yellow. Mia had had enough.
"First, tell me what he wants me for." The creature's eyes turned
towards Mia. Everyone tensed, ready to attack if he advanced any
farther towards her. The creature's eyes grew vacant. Everyone
wandered what the heck he was doing. Suddenly, a glowing form emerged
from the creature. It was some kind of spirit, taking form before
their eyes. The creature's eyes remained vacant and expressionless
as the glowing light became a man. He looked over at Mia with his
dark blue eyes. His black hair fell over his shoulders and he grinned
at Mia.
"I will answer your question." He kept his eyes on Mia. Mia
backed away a bit.
"Who are you?" She asked. The man chuckled slightly.
"I am Djinn, the sole surviver of an ancient race." Anubis looked
at him with surprise. The man continued. "You see, after Talpa
banished me and my kind to another realm, our numbers decreased.
Soon, only the strong survived until there was only me. I am the
last of the Djinn." Dais gasped. He was about to say something,
when Djinn continued. "This mortal woman....the one you call Mia,
has a special importance to me. She is the key to getting me back
into this realm and the others." Rowen cocked an eyebrow.
"If you can't come into this realm, then why are you here now?"
Djinn turned a glare on him.
"This is not the real me. This is just a hologram sent through
this earth morpha." He turned back towards Mia. Anubis gritted his
"And exactly how are you going to use her to get back into
this realm?" He asked with annoyance in his voice. Djinn sighed,
as if he were annoyed.
"As the legend goes, when the blood of the pure is shed in
the realm between the living and the dead, and the sun rises upon
the forbidden river, and the innocent dead is arisen again, the Djinn
will arise and the gateway shall be opened." With that, his image
disappeared and the creature collapsed, dead from the ordeal. Mia
looked at Anubis, searching for an answer. He had none, and everyone
looked at eachother, wondering what the legend meant.

Does Anubis have a hidden love for Mia? Or is he just being
nice? And who the heck is this Djinn guy and what in the world
is all that talk about innocent death? Find out...next chapter!