Full Forever
Chapter Four


Mia stood, shaking slightly in the study. Anubis looked
worridly at her.
"Are you alright Mia?" Anubis looked over at her, noting
the hint of fear in her eyes. Mia nodded and said in a shakey
"Yes....I've analized the poem...." Her eyes seemed scared
and frightened. Anubis walked closer to her.
"What does it mean?" The other Ronins were on patrol, along
with the ex-warlords. Mia and Anubis were the only ones there.
Mia took a deep breath.
"According to the computer, my grandfather knew of these...morphas
and of the Djinn. The poem Djinn recited was also known to him."
She sighed. "From what I understand, the poem means that an innocent
and harmless human will be sacraficed in the realm of the Djinn.
The realm of the Djinn is between the living and non-living world.
The the sacrafice must be held at an ancient river in the realm of
the Djinn when the sun rises. Then, the one they sacraficed shall be
arrisen and then the gateway will be opened...." Her hand shook for
a moment before she regained herself. "The one to be sacraficed is
required to have 'brown hair as deep as autumn leaves' and eyes 'as
blue as the deepest oceans.' It must be a woman of innocence who has
witnessed some special event." Anubis looked at her saddened.
"Like the downfall fo Talpa..." Mia nodded slightly.
"Yes...." Tears came into Mia's eyes. "Why did the bastard
have to choose me?!" Mia shouted. She got up from the chair and
held her tears back. "Of all the woman with brown hair and blue
eyes, he had to choose me!" Anubis turned Mia towards him and once
again embraced her into his powerful arms.
"He'll NEVER get you Mia. I'd die before I let anything happen
to you." He whispered to her. A tear streaked down Mia's cheek as
she lay her head on Anubis' shoulder.
"It would be easier to just let him take me. I'm so useless
anyways....I only get in all of your way. The Ronins would have
been much better off if they had never met me!" Anubis looked at
her with shock.
"That's not true Mia!" He said surprised. He gently lifted
her chin towards him so they looked right into eachother's eyes.
"If it weren't for you, Talpa would have control over this world!
You brought the Ronins together, you were always one step ahead
of the Dynasty's plans, you always knew how to keep the guys from
fighting, and most of all...you were always there for them." He
looked into her soft eyes. They were looking up at him, scared and
frightened. Anubis looked slightly down at her, keeping his arms
around her comfortingly. He leaned closer to her and she leaned
towards him. Mia's eyes were lost in the pools of emerald looking
down at her. She closed her eyes, as did Anubis. Their lips neared.
Anubis had waited a long time for this and he knew if he could just kiss
her once, he would be in heaven for the rest of his life. Mia could
feel Anubis' breath on her lips, and just before their lips met, Cale
walked into the study. Mia heard him and gasped slightly. Her tears
were gone, and Anubis looked over at Cale. Cale grinned, finding it
amusing that he just interupted an "alone" moment. Mia looked up at
Anubis and then back at Cale. Cale cocked an eyebrow at them.
"I see you two are getting a little more friendly." Mia blushed
a light shade of pink and Anubis let go of her. Mia looked up at
Cale, embarassed, then back at Anubis. She quickly and quietly
slipped out of the room. Anubis glared slightly at Cale. Cale
grinned slightly.
"Sorry Anubis. I hadn't realized that I was barging in on an
intimate moment." He snickered slightly. Anubis glared at him.
"Whatever you do, don't tell the Ronins about that." Cale grinned.
~Hehe....now I've got blackmail on him...~ Cale thought. Anubis
shook his head slightly. He didn't like this. Cale turned serious.
"It looked like Mia had been crying. Is she alright?" Anubis
shook his head.
"I'm not sure. She analyzed the poem...."

Mia was very uneasy at the moment. She walked out onto the
deck out on the lake and sat down on it. She sighed heavily.
Could Anubis really care for her? Was her heart playing tricks on
her? Mia shook her head and brushed her hair from her face. Mia
stood up in surprise when she felt the ground rumble. She turned
around to see another of those strange creatures. This one was coming
up from the ground and was two shades of brown, one dark and one light,
and had blood red eyes. Mia had nowhere to go. It was blocking her
only escape route. She backed away from it until she was at the edge
of the dock.

"Oh my god...." Cale murmered. "Do you really thing the
Djinn chose her to be their sacrafice?" Anubis nodded solemnly.
"I'm sure he did. We have to protect her. I could never
forgive myself if something were to happen to her." Before Cale
could answer, the ground rumbled gently. They both looked at
eachother and were out the door faster than the blink of an eye.

Mia screamed. The creature had grabbed her by the neck and was
squeezing it tightly. She could barely breath now. The morpha inspected
"You are the chosen one." He said in a dull, raspy voice. Mia
tried to struggle from it's graps. She tried to pry it's claws from
her neck, but it was useless. Mia looked up when she saw Anubis and
Cale jump out of the house. She was kicking at the monster, but it
didn't let go.
"Mia!" Shouted Anubis. He transformed into his subarmor
quickly and was followed by Cale. The other warriors apparently
hadn't heard the rumble because they weren't here yet. He gritted
his teeth. "Put her down now!" He demanded. The earth morpha glared
at him and kept his hold on Mia. He grinned menacingly.
"And why should I do that?" He held a long, sharp claw up to
Mia's throat.
"Because I told you to!" Shouted Anubis, whom had lost his patience.
As the creature was contemplating whether to kill these guys or not, he
turned to look at a rustling in the forest. From the shadows sprung
seven more men, each as young and strong as the ones that already stood
before them. The creature made up his mind. He rose his claw and
struck it at Mia. She gasped as his claws slashed through her shirt
and cut her stomach. She grabbed her stomach before falling to her
knees. The creature grinned.
"My work here is done." And he vanished. Anubis immediately
ran to Mia's side. He saw the 5 long slashes on her stomach. They
weren't very deep, but they were painful. Anubis knelt beside Mia.
"Mia!" Mia shook her head unsurely.
"No...I'm alright...." She tried to stand, but failed miserably.
She fell into Anubis' arms. Anubis looked pleadingly over at Sage.
Sage nodded.
"Get her into the house. I'll be in in a minute with my armor on."
Anubis nodded. He lifted Mia into his arms and easily carried her
into the living room. He placed her on the couch and examined her
wounds. They weren't very deep. In fact, they were barely flesh wounds.
Mia murmered to him.
"Something's wrong Anubis...something isn't right....they
shouldn't be hurting this bad....I've had bigger wounds than this...."
Mia began to feel dizzy. Anubis tried to comfort her as the others came
"It's alright Mia. Sage can heal you." Anubis looked over at Sage,
whom was in his armor and was holding his sword. He walked over to
Mia. Mia looked up at him weakly. She was getting weaker and weaker
by the moment.
"There's....something wrong...." She again murmered and she
restlessly turned her head back to Anubis with worried and confused eyes.
Sage held his sword over her.
"Don't worry Mia, Sage is going to heal you." Anubis said
comfortingly. Sage closed his eyes and concentrated. He ran his
sword above Mia's body. He opened his eyes and shook his head.
"Mis's right. There is something wrong." Anubis looked up at
"You can heal her right?" He asked hopefully. Sage sighed.
"It's poison....very strong poison. I'll do my best, but I
don't know if it will work." Mia shook her head slightly.
"It's part...of the sacrafice..." She weakly whispered. She
started to get dizzy again. Sage gritted his teeth.
"Don't worry, I'll do my best." He held his sword over her and
it began to glow. Sage closed his eyes and conentrated all his power.
The wounds on Mia started to glow the same soft green as Sage's sword.
Mia winced a little bit, but kept still. After what seemed like hours,
Sage opened his eyes again. His sword stopped glowing, and when it did,
Mia's body grew limp. Anubis looked down at her. She was barely
breathing. He looked up at Sage.
"Will she be ok?" Sage sighed.
"I think so. She needs to rest though. I'm pretty sure I
got all the poison out of her." He smiled slightly. All the Ronins
and ex-warlords gave a sigh of relief. Anubis stood up from his
kneeling position and scooped Mia up into his arms.
"I'll take care of her. Hopefully, she'll be better by morning."
Before anyone could protest, let alone agree, Anubis started walking
up the stairs. Rowen watched as he disappeared.
"Good thing Sage has healing powers. What was that poison stuff?"
Sage shrugged slightly.
"It was strong...really strong. If the cuts were just there, she
probably would have been just fine. It's something that creature put
into her." His armor disappeared and he was in his subarmor.
"Gods....I hope she's ok." Ryo noticed Cale smirking.
"Just what are you smirking at?" Ryo demanded. Cale didn't answer.
He just chuckled to himself slightly.
"Don't worry about Mia. Anubis will take good care of her." He
grinned, as if he had a secret. Dais cocked an eyebrow at him.
"What is that supposed to mean?" Cale grinned at them.

Anubis lay Mia onto her soft bed. He left her for a moment, only
to pull a chair up to her bed. He took her hand into his and
planted a kiss on it.
"I promise Mia....I won't let them harm you ever again...." He
brushed a wisp of her hair from her face and sat comfortably in the
chair, holding Mia's hand in his and whispering soft words to her as
she slept.

"THEY DID WHAT?!" Kento shouted. Cale snickered.
"I said they almost kissed. Almost Kento...but they were pretty
close." He grinned slightly. Ryo smiled slightly.
"Yep...Mia always liked Anubis." Everyone turned to him shocked.
Ryo shrugged. "She tells me everything." He smiled innocently. Sage
shook his head.
"Anubis seems to care for her a lot too...this may be bad. If
the Djinn get word of this, they might use him to capture her."
Everyone's happy expression for the newly found love birds turned
"Sage is right." Cye said softly. "We have to protect both Mia
and Anubis now. There's no telling what the Djinn are up to." Dais
shook his head.
"I know Anubis. He can take care of himself. And he'd die before
he ever let harm come to Mia." Everyone sat in silence, trying to
figure out a plan. Unknown to them, a dark creature stood outside
their window, watching and listening. When the warriors grew silent,
it crept it's way up onto the balcony and looked in on the girl his
master wanted. His black eyes gleamed slightly and he slowly and ever
so quietly began to creap into the room through the shadows.

Will the evil shadowy thing get Mia? Will the Djinn use Anubis to get
to Mia? Find out next chapter!