Full Forever
Chapter Five

Anubis sat beside Mia's bed, still watching her as she rested.
He sighed heavily, wishing Mia would wake up soon so he coul talk
to her. He suddenly felt an evil presence. He looked around the
room and saw nothing. He shrugged.
"Must be getting paranoid." He looked back down at Mia. This
time, he was sure he felt some presence. He spun around in time to
a large black shadow, then a pain took over his body and he lasped
into unconciousness.

Mia groaned softly as she started to awaken. She was relieved to
find the pain in her side and body from the poison was now gone.
She stood up, somewhat stronger on her feet than before, but not
totally confident. She looked around her room and noticed the
window was open. A soft wind blew slightly in threw the window,
sending chills up her spine. Something was right, she knew
something was up. She slowly but surely made her way downstairs
where five Ronins and three ex-warlords were waiting. They all
jumped out of their seats as she walked over to
them, a lot more confident now.
"Mia! You're ok!" Sage shouted with relief. The others all smiled
at her. She smiled back at them, glad she was alive....for now. She
looked around the room.
"Hey. Where's Anubis?" She asked, wondering why he wasn't in here.
Cale cocked an eyebrow at her.
"He took you upstairs and was by you the whole time you were sleeping."
The others nodded in agreement. Mia looked puzzled.
"He wasn't there when I woke up." She thought about the window for
a moment. But she was interupted when a painful scream rang out in
their ears. Everyone recognized it as Anubis.
"It's Anubis!" Mia yelled and ran out the door, following the
sound. Everyone followed, none of them daring to stop Mia from getting
there. In the small clearing in front of her house, Mia gasped at the
scene before her.
Anubis was on the ground on his knees, being contained by some weird
black mist. Jolts of energy shot at him occasionally, all of them
lasting a few seconds before stopping. Each time a jolt was sent
his way, he let out a painful scream and tried to struggle against
the mists hold, but he couldn't break it.
"Anubis!!" Mia yelled again, ready to run to his side. She was
stopped by a rather tall figure. She looked up to the Djinn, now
wearing a black hodded cape which covered his eyes. He tilted his
head down towards her. Mia shook a fist at him.
"Let Anubis go!" She demanded. A smirk crossed Djinn's face. He
"I will let him go, on one condition." His grin widened as Anubis
screamed again, shutting his eyes in pain. Mia looked from Anubis back
to Djinn.
"And that condition would be?" She glared up at him, hatred clouding
her eyes.
"You must come with me back to my realm. Only then will I let
him go." He smirked showily as Mia looked back at Anubis. Another jolt
racked Anubis' body and he shuddered in pain before letting out another
cry of pain. He shuddered, then looked up at Mia.
"Don't Mia.....you can't.....it doesn't matter what happens to
me.....don't go with him...." Anubis pleaded her, then another jolt
shocked him and sent overwhelming pain through his body. Tears formed
in Mia's eyes. She painfully closed them, unable to watch Anubis'
torment. She opened her eyes, tears threatening to spill over onto
her cheeks at any moment.
"If I go with you, do you promise you will let him go?" She asked
sadly. Djinn grinned again.
"You have my word." He bowed to her. Mia took a deep breath.
"Alright....I'll go with you. But let him go first." Djinn laughed.
The mist holding Anubis vanished and he fell onto the ground, barely
concious. Mia started to run to him, but she was surrounded by the
black mist.
"Now now Mia. Don't forget our deal. You're coming with me."
Tears fell down her cheeks as she disappeared and was transported into
the next realm. Anubis pushed himself up.
"No....Mia..." Then he collapsed onto the ground again, unable to
put his body in any more pain. He fell into a peaceful unconciousness
as the others ran to his side, wondering how to get Mia back.