Full Forever

Chapter Six


Mia shivered slightly. The world she had been brought to was
very strange. There weren't any plants or animals there. Just
blackness with swirls of blue and purple mixed here and there. She
looked to her right and saw a weird thing. It looked almost like
a river, only there were gold things streaming down it. She took
a closer look and saw they were souls! Souls of the Djinn! They
looked like the Djinn that brought her here, with minor differences
here and there.

"Lovely isn't it?" Asked the same, eery voice she had come to
hate so much.

"So full of life." She said, sarcasm dripping from every word.
The voice chuckled to itself.

"Now, we prepare. The moons are almost in the right position."
Mia looked puzzled. She had seen no moons before. She glanced
around her in the blackness and noticed one of the blue swirls turn
slowly into the shape of a moon. This is not good, she thought. From
no where, a sacraficial table appeared, with various strange markings.
It was gold, very strange looking in front of the river of souls and
the blackness all around.

She was instantly thrown onto the table and chained to it, her
feet down on one end and her hands stretched out so that her body made
a T-like shape. She saw the Djinn, hidden by a black cape that covered
his face, holding a sacraficial knife in his hands. Another one of
the blue swirls turned into a moon.

"Only 8 moons to go." He laughed loudly and saw the anguish in her




Anubis woke up with a pounding headache. He immediately jumped
out of bed. It was probably around four in the morning. Cye was
asleep in a chair next to his bed.

~The night watch.~ Anubis thought as he grinned to himself. He
ever so quietly snuck out of the room and went downstairs. He was
about to open the front door when something grabbed him by his hand.
He looked down to see White Blaze, grasping his hand in his teeth,
and looking up pleadingly at him.

"Sorry my friend, I have to do this alone." Anubis whispered.
The tiger nodded, as if understanding his mission, and let go. Anubis
slid out of the door and walked deep into the forest so that the
Ronins would not awake due to him using his magic or armor. He gritted
his teeth.

"Don't worry Mia, I'm coming for you." He whispered, the Ancient's
staff materializing in his hands. "Now to find a way into the realm
of the Djinn." He knew it would be dangerous and the Djinn powerful,
but he would do anything to get Mia back. He closed his eyes and
concentrated. A golden aura surrounded him and he disappeared from
the mortal realm.


When Anubis opened his eyes, he was in a strange world. Blackness
was all around him. Two, pale blue moons were in the sky, along with
several pale blue and soft purple swirls. He looked about him and sensed
a strong presense nearby. He began walking towards it, noticing the
eery golden glow in the distance.

He seemed to get closer to the presense and stopped in his tracks
when he Mia chained to the table. It was a table for sacrafices.....he
gripped his fist and looked for Djinn. He slowly snuck up to where Mia
was, hoping to free her.


Djinn watched the girl as she tugged at the chains. She sighed in
defeat. She was chained good and another moon had turned. Only 7 left,
then the Djinn would be released into the mortal realm. He couldn't help
but let a smile play on his lips. He watched as another pale blue swirl
turned into a moon. ~That's 4, only 6 more to go. Good, only 1 blue.
The purple turn much faster.~ He htought to himself. He looked over at
the river of Djinn souls and laughed.

"Do not worry my brothers, I will not fail. I have it all under
control, all is well and going as planned. Soon, you will be set
free to conquer the mortal realm and all others." He turned his gaze
to the sky. Another blue moon had turned. Only five more left.....

His thoughts were broken when something hit him from the side. He
scolded himself for letting his mind wander. He now lay on the ground
with a headache, and the red haired man above him. Anger gleamed in
Anubis' eyes and Djinn just grinned, excitement in his own.

"Let her go now!" Anubis demanded. Djinn laughed.

"I you want her free, go and get her." He said mockingly. Anubis
gritted his teeth. "Ah, good. Another moon has turned and another is
already begining." He looked into the sky to see five pale blue
moons and one purple moon. Anubis too looked up, he gasped. That must
be the part in the legend about the moons. He was caught offguard as
Djinn pucnehd him in the jaw, sending him skidding across the ground.
He quickly stood up, regaining his composure. He gripped the Ancient's

"This ends now!" He knew he had to work fast. There was already
another moon shining in the sky. This could be his only chance to save
Mia. Djinn laughed cruelly.

"I'm up for the challenge. This won't take long." He laughed. Anubis
had already had enough. His eyes blazed with anger and the Ancient's
staff began pulsing with old light. He held the staff towards the Djinn.
Another moon formed in the sky. That was eight moons now. Djinn smiled.
Anubis would never be able to defeat him in time. The sacrafice had
already begun. Anubis heard Mia gasp in pain and surprise.


Mia felt pain surge through her body. She winced slightly. ~This
must be the begining of the sacrafice.~ She thought sadly. But she saw
Anubis and perhaps there was hope for her yet. She gritted her teeth,
trying to keep the stinging tears from running down her cheeks.


Anubis gripped the staff harder. He glared over at Djinn, whom
was standing before him and glaring back.

"I will not let your evil spread into my world!" Anubis shouted.
"I will not let you kill Mia!" The rings on the staff began to jingle
as energy built around it.

"Do you have...feelings for this girl?" Djinn asked curiously.
Anubis smirked.

"As a matter of fact, yes I do." He smirked silghtly. If felt
good to finally say that. Mia smiled in spite of her pain. To here
Anubis say that was like music to her ears. A ball of black energy began
to form around Djinn.

"Then I must kill you! And after I do, she will die and the Djinn
shall rule the world!" He sprang at Anubis. By this time, another
moon had formed. Only one more to go. Anubis held up his Ancient
staff, which was glowing brightly and strongly now. As Djin came
closer, his black energy building all the way, Anubis concentrated
his energy.


Mia saw a huge explosion of black and gold. She winced again,
the pain building. Tears filled her eyes as uncertainty filled her heart.
She hoped Anubis was still alive and that she would see him again. Then,
the blast began to dim and she struggled to see what had happened.
Suddenly, she felt the chains release her and someone take her into their
strong arms. She looked up to see Anubis' beautiful eyes looked down at
her, his face unbruised, but the rest of him was battered a little bit.
She looked over to see the body of the last Djinn laying lifeless. A
golden light shimmered and his spirit was lifted from his body and it
drifted into the river of souls.

Anubis set Mia down and she looked up at him with questions in her
eyes. She began to speak, but Anubis silenced her with his finger. For
a moment, they just looked at eachother. Then Anubis closed the gap
between them and brushed his lips with hers. He lingered for several
minutes, letting his tongue wander in her mouth and liking the feeling
of her own tongue caressing his. Mia was in heaven. She had wished this
to happen for so long. They were surrounded by light and soon were
transported back into the world they knew.



Upon arriving, the two were still deep in there kiss. Five Ronins
and three confused warlords watched from the porch, a certain white tiger
watching all too knowingly and understandingly. Mia and Anubis didn't
even notice them. They broke their kiss and Anubis held Mia's face in
his hands.

"I meant to do that a long time ago..." He said, not knowing the
others were listening.

"I know..." Mia responded. "I've been waiting for that for a
long time..." Anubis grinned slightly

"I love you Mia." He stroked her hair. Mia smiled back at him.

"I love you too Anubis..."

"SEE! I TOLD YOU!!!!" Shouted Cale proudly. He had been right,
Mia and Anubis did have a 'thing' for eachother. Mia and Anubis'
heads snapped towards the front door. Nine guys, along with a tiger,
were watching them. They immediately turned a shade redder as a chorus
of whistles, ohhhs and ahhhs broke out among them. Anubis glared at Cale.

"I'm gonna get you guys!" He threatened. Then, he grinned evilly.
"But not before I do this." He pulled Mia towards him and dipped her back,
as many of them had seen in so many movies. They kissed deep and
passionate, another chorus of whoops and whistles breaking out among
the nine watchers. Mia didn't care. She was with the one she loved.
When they broke their kiss, she no longer blushed. She looked up into
the sky and noticed she could see the moon in the afternoon sun. It was
a full moon.....and her heart would stay full forever, full of love for
the man in her arms. She grinned at Anubis before kissing him back, long
and hard.