I Hate This Place...
Chapter One

By Stephanie

Anubis was in Talpa's throne room, kneeling before him. He
wished he could escape punishment, but he knew that wouldn't
happen. First, he let the Ronins escape. Second, he disobeyed
master Talpa. Third, he talked back to his master. These three
actions combined would receive major punishment. Talpa's eyes
began to glow red.

"You think you can survive without me Anubis? I banish you to
the mortal realm!" Anubis gasped as the red energy shot at him and
he suddenly disappeared. Talpa laughed. "A few days alone without
his armor should do him some good. Perhaps he will realize who his
master is." He laughed again before disappearing himself.




Mia was standing at the top of the water fall, looking down and
admiring its beauty. This was one of her past-times. Whenever she
wanted to be alone she would come up here. Sometimes she would swim,
but she didn't feel like it right now. She just wanted to escape the
Ronins or awhile. All of them were in hormone overdrive so, naturally,
Mia was their target. She sighed and listened to the quietness around
her. Talpa hadn't attacked in days, maybe she shouldn't be here all
alone. She had wondered a lot farther than she intended to and had
never been to this waterfall. She sighed.

Out of nowhere, someone or something came falling out of the sky
and hit the water hard. She winced slightly and looked out over the
waterfall's edge. She couldn't let the poor thing drown. If it
was a person, maybe they could help the Ronins. No use in letting
it die. She took a deep breath and jumped off the edge. She hit
the water with a splash and opened her eyes under the crystal clear
water. There was the thing that fell out of the sky and into the
water. She quickly grabbed it and brought it to the surface.
Without even looking, she pulled it to the shore. She laid it down
on the shore and it coughed slightly. She looked over and let out
a small shreik.

The red haired man looked over at her, then struggled to his knees
in surprise

"You!" She yelled. "I guess I could have let you drown huh?"
She received a harsh glare from the warlord of cruelty. Mia jumped
up to her feet and left the warlord, still catching his breath and on
his hands and knees on the shore.

~Great!~ She thought as she walked quickly. ~My new skirt is wet
and so is my shirt!~ She looked down at herself. She was soaking wet!
Her new short, black skirt was drenching wet and her white, spaghetti
strapped shirt was now wet, not to mention see through. She kept
walking, her wet hair sending drops of water onto her back. She
stopped when someone grabbed her by the arm and turned her swiftly
around. She gasped when she came face to face with Anubis in his

"Where do you think you're going you little wench?" He said through
gritted teeth. Mia trembled slightly.

"I'm going home that's where I'm going!" She ripped her arm out
of his grasp and started of back towards her home.

"Look out!" Shouted Anubis. He grabbed her arm again and pulled
her violently towards him. She gasped when an arrow almost his her and
found herself gripping the warlord's arms. Anubis wasn't paying
attention, he was looking up at the trees and gritting his

"Soldiers." He said lowly. "Damn! I can't call my armor." He
looked down at Mia, who was uneasily trying to wiggle away from him.
Another arrow came towards them and Anubis grabbed her arm and ran
towards the river. He looked behind them and saw tons of soldiers.
Too many for them to fight. ~Maybe I should leave the girl and escape.~
He thought. ~No, keep her. Talpa may be pleased to find that I've
captured the girl.~

"We're getting out of here." He jumped into the river, pulling
Mia with him. She glared at him and protest, but didn't have time
to act. They were heading towards the next water fall. Anubis grabbed
onto her and pulled her to him, then they both fell down the water

The soldiers looked for any sign of them, but after a few minutes,
no one came to the surface. They all returned to the Nether world,
bringing news of their death.