I Hate This Place...
Chapter Two

By Stephanie

Anubis slowly began to wake up. He found his head laying on
something soft that gently moved up and down. The warlord opened
his eyes to find his head laying on Mia's stomach with one hand
drapped up over her shoulder and the other on her waist. His
mind clicked with what he was doing and he jumped up in surprise
to find his body sore. He groaned slightly and saw the girl's body
stir. He looked down at her, noticing the shirt she wore was see
through, probably because it was white and because it was wet.

Mia opened her eyes slowly to find the warrior looking down at
her. She felt very uneasy. She pushed herself off the ground and
to her legs. The young girl was still soaking wet because she was
in the shallows of the river. She edged her way away from Anubis
and noticed that he smirked slightly.

"You're better off staying with me. You'll never survive on your
own." He received a cold glare from Mia.

"I never asked for your help back there you know!" She yelled at
him. "You could have just left me ya know!" She did have a point. He
could have just left her and not be having this conversation at the
moment. She clenched her fist in frustration. It was getting dark
but she could still see Anubis clearly.

"Why don't you just warp back up to the Dynasty or something?" She
asked in disguist. He glared back at her.

"I can't do that Mia. Just shut up, it'll make this easier for both
of us." Mia again glared at him. He was so annoying! Cute, but very
obnoxious and self centered, not to mention Talpa's evil minion. She
crossed her arms indignantly and turned away from him. He shook his

"Come on, we have to find some place to stay for the night." Mia's
face lit up with shock when Anubis said this. If he thought she would
stay in the same area as him, not to mention probably very close to him,
he was wrong! She was about to talk when Anubis rolled his eyes and
grabbed her arm, almost dragging her with him.



Mia leaned against one of the walls of the cave with her knees to
her chest and her arms hugging them to her. She shivered slightly
from the combination of her wet clothes and the cold air. Anubis
laughed to himself.

"Don't you ever get tired of waiting for the Ronins to come at
save you?" He smirked at the look she gave him. She was a very proud
person, one who doesn't admit defeat easily. He admired her for that,
but at the same time hated the way she was right most of the time.

"Don't you ever get tired of being Talpa's errand boy?" She grinned
to herself at the glare she received from the warlord. Yet again, she
had gotten the best of him.

"Just shut up!" He yelled back.

"You're the one who talked to me!" She retorted.

"You better shut up or else!" He threatened.

"What are ya gonna do? Kill me?" She asked sarcastically.

"That's a very tempting proposal right about now." He grumbled.
Mia smirked and relaxed. He had a temper a lot like Ryo's but a
little more unpredictable. She looked at the fire and sighed. She
hoped the guys got here before she and Anubis drove eachother insane.
Anubis mumbled a few unmentionable words under his breath before
totally blocking Mia out and concentrating on a way to get back on
his master's good side.