I Hate This Place...
Chapter Three

By Stephanie

It was late at night, but neither Mia or Anubis could get
to sleep. Anubis wanted to make sure she would not try to
escape and Mia was just paranoid about him killing her. She
looked sadly at the flames of the fire with sadness and a certain
lonesomeness in her eyes. Anubis noticed this and felt almost sorry
for her. He also noticed the loneliness in her eyes.

Mia was thinking. She was thinking about her life, her past,
about the man sitting by her, about everything. Was the fight against
Talpa really worth it? Would she even be able to make a difference?
Would the Ronins even notice if she was gone? Did they even need
her? Her mind began to wonder to awhile back, a week after they
first defeated Talpa.



Mia was laying in her bed thinking. Her grandfather had died
and she felt alone. A soft knock was heard at the door.

"Mia?" Asked Ryo's familiar voice.

"You can come in Ryo." She sat up, letting the covers of her
bed fall to her waist. She wore a spaghetti strapped shirt with
her cute blue boxers that had white clouds on them. She watched the
door slowly open and in came Ryo in his red boxers and no shirt.
He closed the door behind him and walked up to her bed. She was
about to stand up when he gently pushed her back down and laid her
back down on the bed. She looked up uncertainly at him.

"Ryo?" She asked with concern. Ryo lay down next to her and
gently stroked her hair.

"You're so beautiful Mia." He whispered to her. He licked his
lips and started to run his hand down her sides. When Mia felt
his hand go under her shirt, she stopped him.

"Ryo, what are you doing?" She pulled away from him. Ryo
advanced on her and the look in his eyes made Mia shiver.

"I wanna play...." He grinned seductively. That's when Mia noticed
the hint of alcohol in his breath.

"Have you been drinking Ryo?" She asked with shock. Ryo shook
his head.

"I just wanna have some fun...." He put his hand on the back of
her neck and pulled her into a kiss. His other hand began to wander
down her side and again found its way under her shirt. Mia pushed
him away and pulled back.

"Ryo, stop! You're drunk." She couldn't believe he was drunk,
let alone trying to seduce her. Ryo reached towards her and stroked
her hair again.

"But you're so beautiful." She stood up from the bed and pulled
away from him.

"No Ryo. I am not letting you sleep with me. You're drunk and
delusional. Now get out of my room!" She demanded, not raising her
voice that much. That's when Ryo's anger showed. She had never seen
him like this. She didn't even know Ryo drank, let alone got drunk.
He stood up from the bed and walked over to Mia. He rose his hand and
slapped her. Tears stung in Mia's eyes and her cheek was throbbing in
pain. She put her own hand to her cheek, shocked beyond words. Ryo
again advanced on her. He seized her by the shoulders and kissed her.
Then he put his hand under her shirt and almost had what he wanted
when Mia managed to wiggle free. Somewhere in the back of his mind,
he knew he wouldn't get anywhere. He rose his hand again and slapped
Mia's cheek much harder this time. After the sting of him hitting her
set in, she collapsed to the floor and Ryo left her room. She spent
the rest of the night sobbing from both physical and emotional pain.
Ryo obviously didn't remember this because he acted like himself
the next morning. He cheerfully told her good morning and went about
his daily routine. Since that day, she had never mentioned it to




Anubis noticed the loneliness and pain in Mia's eyes. She seemed
to be thinking about something. His quiet voice broke the

"You're lonely aren't you?" He asked out of nowhere. Mia once again
glared at him.

"That's none of your business. Besides, it's not like you care or
anything." She said sarcastically. Anubis was surprisingly hurt by
this. Mia looked at him out of the corner of her eye and noticed that
he looked a little sad.

"I'm lonely." He stated quietly. Mia immediately turned to face him,
eyes lit up in surprise. He wasn't looking at her. Instead he was
looking straight into the burning fire. "Sometimes I just wish....I just
wish I wasn't a part of all this. I wish I could take back some of the
things I've done, but at the same time I want to please my master by doing
things I have done before." Mia's eyes softened. She pitied him in a
way. He seemed so sad and his eyes looked as if he were having an internal
argument. "Even though I'm part of Talpa's reign, I know I'm really alone.
He could care less what happens to me, I don't have any family left, and
the other warlords are blinded by the promise of power." He laughed
at his ramblings. "But I guess you wouldn't understand that." He sighed,
looking down at the ground. Mia faced him and spoke to him quietly.

"I've been alone or a long time. My parents died when I was little.
I don't remember them much, just a few things here and there, but
I don't truly remember them. I don't even know where the rest of my
family is, but they're probably far away. After my grandfather died,
I had nobody." Her voice was filled with sadness and she kept the
part of her that wanted to cry deep inside of her. "No matter what
I do, I can never stop thinking about how I am alone. They all left
me and I'm here, just a nobody with some mystical armored friends. I
never really meant anything to them. Once, I thought I loved one of
them, but like everything else in my life, that was a lie." She sighed
when she finished talking. Anubis looked up at her and noticed here
eyes were looking away from him. Somehow, she had made her way closer
to him. Again, he noticed she was shivering from the cold.

"You're shivering Mia...." He whispered. ~Boy, he's observant.~
Mia thought sarcastically. She jumped in surprise when she felt two
warm arms wrap around her. For some reason, she relaxed. He was warm
and surprisingly gentle. She snuggled against him, much to his surprise
and sighed slightly.

"Thank you Anubis." She whispered to him. She wanted to tell him
thank you for letting her realize her entire life has been nothing but
loneliness and deception, but settled or thanking him for the warmth.
He leaned against the wall, Mia leaning against his chest.

"We should get some sleep now. Goodnight Mia." He closed his eyes

"Goodnight Anubis." Mia whispered back and closed her eyes. She
wasn't afraid anymore. He wasn't the mad-man she knew. Something had
changed about him, but she couldn't put her finger on it. Instead, she
sighed contently and drifted into welcomed sleep.