Hate This Place
By Stephanie

Chapter Five


"Are you sure it was Anubis?" Rowen asked Ryo. Ryo was
thouroughly frustrated.

"YES! I am sure!" He shouted at the blue haired Ronin. Ryo was
getting frustrated. What was Anubis doing with Mia and why had he
taken her with him? He knew they were in the Dynasty. Now the only
problem was getting Mia back and finding some answers.



Mia groaned as she sat up. Her head was pounding and she felt
drained of her energy. She put a hand to her head to try and rid it
of the pain. Then she remembered that something was wrong. She
looked around. Where was Anubis? Where was she?

"Good, you're awake." The harsh voice of a Dynasty soldier made
her jump. Mia could barely make out the outline of the figure as it
came closer to her. She was grabbed roughly by the arm and pulled
off of the comfy bed. It was then that she realized she was on a
bed, but she didn't have time to marvel at it because the soldier was
dragging her. It held a spear in its hands and Mia got an idea. She
looked down the hall and noticed no one was there. She grinned, then
elbowed the soldier in the stomach and grabbed his spear. She thrust
the spear through the soldier and ran for her life. She had gotten
pretty fast lately with all the running from the Dynasty she had been
doing. The guys underestimated her a lot and always made her run,
even if there was only one or two soldiers around. Of course, she
just wasted one with no problem. She would have loved for the guys
to see that.

Mia turned around a corner and ran into something hard. She
almost fell backwards when she saw who it was. It was Cale! Her
headache had intensified and she couldn't see any way out of this.

"Well, if it isn't the annoying Ronin girl." He grinned evilly
and even though he was in his subarmor, Mia thought he looked quite
intimidating. She would have run the other way had Cale not grabbed
her by the arm. "Master Talpa sent me to get you. He has big plans
for you." Mia trembled slightly, afraid to even breath. Cale
escorted her down the hallway and into a large room. It was Talpa's
throne room and all the warlords where assembled there. Seckment and
Dais were holding onto Anubis, whom was struggling against their
grip. When he saw Mia, he tried to fight away from them.

"No! Mia!" He shouted trying to escape their grasp. Dais punched
him hard in the stomach. This made Anubis fall back to his knees.

"Anubis!" Mia tried to go to him, but Cale held onto her.
Talpa's form appeared in the room. His eyes were glowing red and he
was obviously angry.

"You have betrayed us Anubis! You must be punished for your
actions. Do not worry, soon you will be back on our side." With
that, Seckment and Dais vanished along with Anubis. Mia gasped and
struggled from Cale's grip.

"Master, what about the girl?" Cale tightened his grip on her
arms. Talpa seemed to eye Mia for a moment.

"See that she is comfortable for now. She'll be staying with us
until I figure out what I want to do with her." Cale called for two
soldiers and they quickly came into the room. He practically threw
Mia at them and each of them grabbed one of her arms. Mia glared at
him as the soldiers dragged her out of the room.

"Perhaps it is wise to kill her now. She is the mind behind the
Ronins. Without her, they will be lost." Cale bowed to Talpa
respectully after he gave his suggestion. His head snapped towards
the doorway when he heard armor clash to the ground and the seeping
sound of the soldier's souls leaving them. Talpa laughed.

"No my warlord. I have much better plans for her. We must use
the Aradia spirits on her." Talpa's eyes pulsed red while Cale's
eyes widened.

"Master, are you sure? The Aradia spirits have only been used
once and..." He was cut off by Talpa.

"It is not your place to challenge my commands. The Aradia
spirits were used long before your time, even before mine! Only one
soul has ever had the Aradia spirits use their magic on them and that
one demon is me! I know what I am doing! You are dismissed!"
Talpa's voice boomed loudly over the room. Cale bowed.

"Yes, master." Cale murmered, then disappeared. Talpa summoned
his energy and a haze of dark purple smoke filled the room.

"Aradia spirits, I ask for your help. Find the girl and use your
magic! Do not fail me!" He watched as the smoke left his throne
room and seeped into the hallways, searching for the auburn haired
girl and to carry out their master's wishes.