Hate This Place
By Stephanie

Chapter Six


Anubis gritted his teeth as the Nether spirits sent another burst of
energy at him. Sure, it hurt, but the only thing on his mind was finding
out if Mia was ok or not. He relaxed once the energy subsided and he
concentrated on finding a way out of here. He saw Cale watching him and he
glared in the other warlord's direction.

"You're actually worried about her aren't you?" Cale cruel and demanding
voice asked him. Anubis gritted his teeth. "You actually have feelings for
this mortal?" Anubis wanted to punch his lights out. Cale continued.
"Don't worry, she won't be mortal for long. Talpa has called the Aradia
spirits on her." Anubis' eyes lit up. He knew the Aradia spirits would try
to get Mia to turn to the Dynasty. The Aradia could never possess a body by
force, but must have a willing subject. Only when Talpa called upon them
could they work. He knew that Talpa had allowed one of the spirits to merge
with him and that is why he was so powerful.

"When I get my hands on you Cale..." Cale broke Anubis off.

"We'll see who is getting their hands on who." He grinned evilly. "Mia
isn't all that bad you know. Maybe Talpa can arrange an agreement with her.
I have been craving someone in my bed lately." Anubis tried to pull from
the chains, but the nether spirits contained him. "You pathetic fool.
Maybe Talpa will do us all a favor and get rid of you." With that Cale

"No!!! If you harm her, I swear I'll kill you!!!" Anubis shouted before
he was hit with more energy and the spirits began to set to work turning him
back to their side.



Mia sighed again. She had been wandering around this stupid castle
forever! She had only come across 2 or 3 soldiers in all, taking them out
was a snap. Mia kicked the wall.

"Stupid Dynasty! I hate this place!" She yelled. A soft, purple smoke
was gathering beside her. It began to build up on itself and it became a
form. Mia gasped.

"Don't be afraid of me Mia. I'm here to help you." It said in a soft,
dreamy voice. The figure was transparent, like a nether spirit, but had
more human features. He was all purple, but had red eyes and was a little
bit taller than her. Mia backed away from the figure.

"Who....or what are you?" She asked unsurely. The figure grinned.

"You may call me Aradia. I have heard you. You do not like it here?"
Aradia asked interestingly.

"Are you kidding?! I hate this place!" She yelled. Aradia smirked
slightly and began to circle her.

"Have you ever experienced power Mia? Real power? Power to do anything
you wish?" He eyed her carefully. Mia cocked an eyebrow at him.

"What do you mean?" The spirit laughed.

"I want you to join me, allow me to give you my powers in return for a
body to possess." He advanced on her slightly. Mia jumped back.

"You must be crazy to think I'd ever to that!" Mia shouted back at him.
Aradia shook his head.

"Do you wish Anubis to suffer?" It asked plainly, not even showing
concern in his voice.

"Of course not! I'd never want him to suffer!" Her eyes lit up,
realizing she needed to find Anubis before she got out of here.

"He is suffering Mia, and you can end his pain." Mia backed away from

"You're lying!" She yelled at him.

"Do you wish to see proof?" He asked, a hint of humor in his voice.
Without an answer from Mia, Aradia transported them both into the dungeon
where Anubis was being held captive. Mia saw his pained expression and

"Anubis!" She shouted to him.

"Mia! Stay away from that spirit! He..." Anubis was cut off when a
blast of energy hit him and made him yell out in pain.

"Anubis!" Mia screamed, tears brimming her eyes. He had, after all,
saved her. She felt close to him for some reason, and knew the real him
didn't want to be a part of the Dynasty.

"See Mia? He is in pain. If you agree to let me join with you, his pain
will end." Aradia taunted, slowly circling Mia. Mia paused for a moment,
thinking things over. She couldn't stand seeing Anubis is pain anymore.

"Do you promise to let him go?" She asked, wincing as the nether spirits
shot another burst of energy at Anubis, making him tense in pain.

"You have my word." Aradia promised.

"Alright...." She whispered half heartedly, admitting defeat. Aradia
grinned widely.

"Wise choice." His eyes glowed red. "My spirits! Arise for your
master!" He shouted and a gust of wind blew as a dozen or so soft blue
spirits appeared. They reminded Mia of the nether spirits, but they were
blue and had silver eyes. The spirits turned into a light blue, smokey haze
that encircled her. "Take a deep breath Mia and clear your mind. Let them
enter your body and soul." Mia trembled slightly at Aradia's words. She
then obeyed and took a deep breath. She felt the gust pick up and something
warm and strange entered her.

"MIA!!!! STOP!!!!!" Anubis shouted, then was cut off by the nether
spirits. For a moment, Mia paused. She thought she had heard Anubis.

"Relax Mia, let them enter you. Let them possess you and save your
friend." Aradia beckoned her to open her mind to the spirits. Mia sighed
slightly and felt a wave of power over her. She suddenly collapsed onto the
floor, the Aradia spirits draining her energy and replacing it with her own
left her weak and tired. Aradia laughed wickedly.

"That was easier than I thought." He disappeared along with Mia's body.

"No!" Anubis shouted. "Mia!" He made one last attempt to escape the
chains, but fell to his knees again in pain.