Hate This Place
By Stephanie

Chapter Seven


"W....What happened?" Mia's eyes flickered open as she stood up from the
bed. She stammered over to a mirror and gasped at what she saw. Her eyes
were light purple, like Sage's! She looked in disbelief at her eyes.

"What did they do to me?!" She shouted, tears coming to her eyes.

"They only gave you more power Mia." Came the eery voice of Cale. He
stepped out of the shadows of the room towards her. Mia stepped away from

"Where's Anubis? What did you do to him?" She asked, her voice slightly
trembling. The warlord of corruption advanced on her and brushed the back of
his hand against her cheek.

"Such a beautiful creature you are Mia." He whispered. Mia trembled. He
was cold and frightening, not at all like Anubis. "Perhaps Talpa will let me
have you. I do deserve some pleasure in my life." With that, Mia's eyes
flashed a dark purple and an energy blast came from her, knocking Cale away
from her. Cale snarled at her. "Why you ungrateful....." He began, but was
met with another blast of purple energy from Mia.

Her eyes returned to normal, and Mia looked in disbelief. What happened?
She just knocked Cale away with energy blasts. But she didn't have any
powers! Or was it those Aradia spirits? As Cale got up, he clenched his

"You need to be put in your place girl!" He shouted. Mia ran out the
door in a flash and started running down the hallway. Cale started to
follow, but he heard a thought speak message from Talpa. ~Stop Cale. Let
her run. I have let some of my other minions take care of her this time.~
Cale gritted his teeth, then obeyed his master's commands.


Mia was running down the dark hallway, searching for a way out. She felt
so strange and different. Her eyes were totally different colors and she
had some weird powers! She saw an open door and ran into it, hoping she
could hide until they stopped looking for her. When she stepped in, she saw
that it was the castle dungeon. She gasped when she saw Anubis laying
unconscience on the floor. In a flash, she was down beside him on her knees.

"Anubis wake up!" She tried to wake him, tears again filling her eyes.
"Anubis, please! You have to wake up! We have to get out of here!" She
heard a painful moan escape from the injured warlord. Anubis opened his eyes
and looked up at the person leaning over him. He knew it was Mia, but her
eyes were purple!

"Mia....your eyes....." He winced in pain. Mia hushed him.

"Don't worry about that now Anubis. We have to get out of here first."
She helped him up and let him lean on her for support. Now all she had to do
was find a way out of here. Calm and quiet words entered her mind.

~* Use your powers. They can help you transport out of the Dynasty and
back to the mortal realm. *~ Mia felt an evil presence in the voice. She
didn't trust it one bit. But she heard the clanking of armor. -Dyansty
soldiers.- She thought. There was no way she could hold them off. Anubis
was hurt and he needed to get out of here. Mia did the only thing she could

"Just hang on Anubis. We'll be out of here in no time." She closed her
eyes and conentrated. -Please.....give me the power to save Anubis. Take
us to the mortal realm.....- A wave of warm energy came over her and she and
Anubis started to glow a light hue of purple.

"What? No Mia, you can't!" Anubis tried to stop her, but Mia had made up
her mind. As the soldiers filled the room, the two of them disappeared from
the realm of the Dynasty.