Hate This Place
By Stephanie

Chapter Eight


Out in the forest came a glowing purple light. From what looked like a
portal, two figures emerged. One was the familiar figure of the warlord of
cruelty in his subarmor. The other was none other than Mia! When the two of
them clearly appeared, the purple light began to fade. Mia's eyes were
closed and so were Anubis'. When the light had completely vanished, Mia let
out a soft sigh and opened her eyes. Anubis opened his eyes and looked
around him in confusion. Mia stumbled and almost fell, but Anubis caught

"Mia!" Anubis shouted while catching her in his arms. Anubis held Mia
protectively against him. He slowly sank to the ground, cradling Mia in his
arms. Mia's eyes filled with tears.

"What's happening to me Anubis?" She sobbed. She wrapped her arms around
him and he held her to him.

"I don't know Mia, I don't know." Mia putted her head on his shoulder and

"I feel so strange Anubis. I can feel them....I can feel their power..."
She closed her eyes shut. She stayed clinging to Anubis. Anubis felt her
body tense.

"Mia? What's wrong?" Anubis asked with concern, his mind running various

"He's here...." Mia whispered. Then, Anubis saw what she meant. Cale was
standing on the branch of one of the tall trees. He glared at Anubis.

"How touching. The traitor and his litte wench have found their way back
to the mortal realm." He chuckled to himself at the fear in Mia's eyes.
Anubis snarled.

"You stay away from her! If you hurt her, I'll see to it that this is your
last day alive!" He shouted.

"Hand over the girl and I will spare you your death." Cale offered.

"Never! You'll have to get through me to get to her!" Anubis challenged
back. Anubis felt Mia shudder, then she let out a soft sigh and fell into
unconscienceness. Anubis glared up at Cale. "Whatever you've done to her,
I'll kill you for it!" Anubis promised.

"As you wish traitor!" Cale shouted. "You die today!" Cale jumped from the
tree and charged. Anubis didn't know what to do.




Mia was floating in a void of blackness. She shivered slightly.

"Anubis, where are you?" She whispered, seeing nothing but darkness
around her.

"Wake up Mia." A strange voice called from somewhere around her, its
voice echoing in the black abyss.

"Who are you?" Mia asked, remembering the voice as the same one from
earlier. It told her to use her powers to transport out of the Dynasty.

"Wake up Mia. Anubis needs your help." It said almost in a taunting
voice. Mia shook her head.

"But I'm so tired." She said sleepily. She listened for a reponse, but
heard nothing. She felt herself grow warm and a strange energy built up
around her. She closed her heavy eyelids and was engulfed by the light.




Anubis shielded Mia's body with his own as Cale struck at him. He let out
a short cry of pain before crouching over Mia's body to protect it. Cale
laughed evilly, raising his weapon to strike again. Anubis gasped as Mia's
body again began to glow a soft purple.

"No Mia." He whispered to her. Anubis knew what was happening. Mia was
using her powers again. He also knew that the more she used the Aradia
spirit's power, she would become more connected to it. If she used more of
her powers, the spirit may be able to completly take over her body. But it
was beyond his control. Mia's eyes opened slowly and the light around her
intensified. Cale covered his eyes.

"What is this light!?" He yelled. Mia rose from Anubis' arms and glared
over at Cale with her purple eyes. A burst of energy flew at him and hit
him head on. Cale yelled in pain, then disappeared back to the nether
realm. Mia kneeled beside Anubis and saw his wounds. She placed a hand on
his back and he winced in pain. Her hand glowed sotly and his wounds
healed. Anubis' eyes widened. He stood up before her.

"Mia..." He whispered, but Mia had closed her eyes and lapsed back into
unconsciencness. He caught her and lifted her into his strong arms. He knew
that if he could get her to the Ronins, they would help her. But they may
attack him. Afterall, he was their enemy right? Or was he? He wasn't
exactly sure anymore. He headed off towards Mia's home (he could sense the
Ronins there).

He looked down at Mia as he neared the house. For some reason, he didn't
feel so alone anymore. This girl had somehow reached the deepest part of
him and awakened feelings he hadn't felt for centuries. He felt like he
could protect her with his life and he would sacrafice himself if it meant
saving her. She had shown him a new path. A path away from the darkness.
Was he turning away from the Dynasty because of her? He looked up from the
sleeping woman to see her house.

He walked closer to it, then stopped in his tracks when he heard a
deafening roar.

"Mia!" Shouted Ryo, the owner of the Wildfire armor. In a flash, all
five Ronins had surrounded Anubis and the white beast they called White
Blaze was snarling at him. Suddenly, White Blaze lunged at him, claws
outstretched and teeth bared.......