Hate This Place
By Stephanie

Chapter Thirteen


Anubis stared in shock. Mia's slender form had been accented in the armor
she wore. The armor was blue and white with a hint of black in it. She had
white stockings on with a pair of black fighting boots that almost reached
her knees. Protecting her sides were flaps of light armor that were black in
color. Her chest had no armor, but was covered by a dark blue cloth. One of
her shoulders had a dark blue sash holding up the cloth and her other
shoulder had a piece of light armor that was black. Around her neck was a
gold chain with a gold amulet attached to it that hung from the chain. The
amulet had several elegant carvings in it, but Anubis knew it was meant to
keep the evil spirits within her. Also around her waist was a strap used to
hold her two swords. Both had gold handles were twisted with dark blue
metal to make a beautiful handle which led to long blades that were as white
as snow. From the handle hung two dark blue tufts which swayed back and
forth in the chilled air. Her hair blew around her in the strange wind,
which apparently came from nowhere since they were inside.

"Mia...." Anubis whispered, his heart breaking at the sight of her in the
hands of the Dynasty. Mia laughed, her voice echoing in the room.

"Poor Anubis." She said, her words dripping with sarcasm. "I pity you for
being such a fool as to show your face here." Anubis felt rage course though

"Whatever Talpa has done, I promise I will undo!" He shouted. Mia only

"But I like this form Anubis. I'm so much more powerful now. And soon, I
will help Talpa to rule the mortal realm." Her lips drew into a sinister
smile. She reached behind her and drew out her two swords. "I will destroy
you Anubis." Her eyes narrowed as she made her promise.

"I will not allow you to do evil Mia. I will reverse this spell upon you!"
He readied his weapon.

"As you wish." Mia whispered tauntingly. Suddenly, the wind picked up and
it blew the fire out. The fire was soon replaced by a light illuminating
throughout the room. Mia held her swords in front of her. "The spirits of
the nether realm cry for your downfall! I can hear their voices beyond the
grave! You're time is up Anubis!" She rose her swords above her head and
brought them elegantly down, each of her swords leaving a trail of sparkling
blue behind them.

"Feel the sting of my swords of darkness! DEAD SOUL SCREAM!" Her voice
echoed loudly as Anubis watched in horror. A blast of blue and black energy
formed around her swords, and Mia jumped into the air, bringing the swords
down on him. He felt the energy slam into him and send him flying backwards.

Mia landed gracefully and smiled evilly. She began to approach Anubis'
body. He was still alive and barely clinging to his life.

"Such a pity. Now I will finish you off." Mia rose her sword to strick
with a bright gold glow appeared. She shielded her eyes and took a step
back. "What is this? It's the Ancient!" She shreiked as she saw the Ancient
appear. He knelt beside Anubis' body, his staff producing the golden light.
The Ancient turned his head towards Mia.

"You are not destined to this path of evil." He told her. "I will break
Talpa's hold of you." He grasped his staff and pointed it towards her. Mia's
eyes widened in fear as she backed away.

"No! Stop! What are you doing?!" She shouted frantically. The Ancient
held his staff and mumbled an ancient spell.

"I will drive these evil demons out of you!" He shouted and the light
from his staff shot towards the awestruck Mia. Mia watched the light come
closer and her eyes flashed brightly as she held her hands in front of her,
palms outward, and a beam of black energy shot to meet the Ancient's gold.
To the Ancient's surprise, Mia's counter attack worked and his golden light

~She is much stronger than I thought.~ The Ancient grabbed his staff and
put a hand on Anubis' unconscience body and disappeared. Mia clenched her
fist angrily and started to warp to the mortal realm.

"No Mia, let them go. I have a much better plan to get them and the
Ronins." Talpa's voice commanded.

"As you wish, Master Talpa." Mia bowed respectfully, her eyes still
glowing a bright blue.