Hate This Place
By Stephanie

Chapter Fifteen


The light of the Ancient's staff dimmed and Anubis now stood, once again,
in the realm of the Dynasty. He was in his full armor, minus the helmet. He
looked around for something, anything to let him know what he should do. He
looked over around him and as the purple fog cleared, he gasped.

The five Ronin Warriors were all hanging upside-down, suspended from
chains and unconscience. This was not good. If the Ronins had been captured
this quickly, the Dynasty would make quick work of him. But he would not let
that happen. He turned around to see a column of cherry blossoms, which were
blown away to reveal a familiar figure. It was Mia, but she was still evil.

"How do you like my little collection Anubis?" She asked tauntingly.
Anubis tried to keep his cool.

"I will release Talpa's hold on you Mia." He proclaimed.

"Don't think it will be that easy. I'm not a fool like the other warlords.
They may be easily beaten, but I will not fall for your tricks." Mia grinned
devishly, sending chills up Anubis' spine.

"Enough talk Mia. It's time we finish this." He readied his weapon.

"As you wish." Mia laughed, then each of the Ronins began glowing their
repectable colors.

"What are you doing?!" Anubis shouted.

"We can't have them in our way now can we?" Mia asked as each of the
Ronins shot off in a gleam of their respecable color. Five, tall temples
appeared in the distance. "Don't worry. They are in safe keeping." The
streams of light approached the temples, then were absorbed. Mia reached
behind her and pulled out her spirit swords. "Prepare to join them Anubis."
Anubis took a deep breath.

Mia was the first to attack. She charged at him, her swords ready. Anubis
barely blocked them, knocking her swords away with the blade o his weapon.

"Impressive. But not impressive enough." Mia kicked Anubis' legs out from
under him and he came crashing onto the ground. He pushed himself up in time
to move his head. One of Mia's swords slashed into the ground right next to
his head, only missing because Anubis had moved it a split second before she
got him. Anubis took his opprotunity to try and talk her out of this. He
sprang to his feet and stood in a defensive posotion.

"Listen to me Mia! We shouldn't be fighting!" Mia glared at him and pulled
her sword from the ground. "I know there is still a part of you somewhere
that is trying to fight this evil. Fight it Mia! You have to try!" Anubis
tried to reach her, but it wasn't working. Mia, instead, charged with
renewed strength.

"I will not listen to you! This is my place! I belong here with the
Dynasty!" She swung her sword at him and it cut into his armor, piercing
part of his flesh. Anubis winced. Mia stood back from him. "Enough of these
games! DEAD SOUL SCREAM!!!!!" She lifted her swords and began her sure
kill. Anubis had to counter it somehow. He raised his weapon.

"QUAKE WITH FEAR!!!!!" Their attacks met between them, and for a moment,
it seemed as if Mia's was going to win. But Anubis chains began to glow a
mysterious gold. ~The Ancient...~ Anubis thought. His chains pierced through
Mia's attack and the energy died down, then disapeared all together. Mia's
eyes lit up as Anubis' attack hit her. Anubis closed his eyes tight and
clenched his fist when he heard Mia's scream. When the light of Anubis'
attack died down, he looked towards Mia and saw her entangled in his chains.

~Oh god Mia....I'm so sorry, I didn't want to hurt you.....~ He prayed to
himself, hoping Mia could forgive him.

"Mia?" He asked cautiously. Mia's head was hanging limp at her chest and
her eyes were closed in pain. Anubis approached her slowly. He jumped back
when her eyes opened, glowing a fierce blue. Dark purple energy came from
her body and broke through the chains holding her. She leapt to the ground.

"It takes more than that to stop me!" She shouted in an angry voice. "DEAD
SOUL SCREAM!!!!!" Anubis didn't have time to react and was hit head on by
the blue and black energy of Mia's powerful attack. He slammed onto the
ground and opened his eyes painfully. His vision was blurry, but he saw Mia
standing over him, her eyes returning to their normal shade and a smirk on
her face. She knelt down beside him.

"Say goodnight Anubis." Then Anubis blacked out. Mia winced in pain.
"Your attack is more powerful than I thought. You almost had me there." She
pushed the thought of her pain from her mind. Time to take the traitor to
Master Talpa.