Hate This Place
By Stephanie

Chapter Sixteen


Mia was running. Running through the thick, purple fog surrounding her.
Running towards a voice that was calling her. The voice was familiar. It was
soft, calling her towards it and drawing her away from the fog. The fog
began to lift and she saw several scenes flash through her mind. She watched
herself fight the Ronins. Then, she saw how she almost annihilated Anubis.
His eyes looked so painful. But not from physical pain. Something else was

She wanted to run to him and save him, but Talpa suddenly appeared in
front of her and blocked her path. His eyes glowed red and his laugh rang in
her ears. More images flashed as she saw Aradia laughing, then the Dynasty
soldiers suspending the Ronins from the chains, then the nether spirits
swarmed around her. The thing she heard most was Talpa's laugh. It was cold
and cruel, ringing in her ears.

Mia fell to the ground on her knees and sobbed. She covered her ears with
her hands, trying to keep the noises away. But they only grew louder. Hot
tears streaked down her face. Her mind seemed to replay her defeating the
Ronins....the vision of Anubis' sad eyes kept coming back. She finally
couldn't take it anymore and she screamed.






Mia gasped as she awoke. Her forehead was damp with sweat and she felt
very hot. She was breathing hard and it took a minute before she calmed
down. She shook her head slightly.

"It's just a trick. I'm hallucinating." She thought. Mia slowly got up
out of her bed and changed into her armor. She stalked slowly out of her
room and down the hall. She continued on her way to the cell where Anubis
was being held and pushed the door slowly open. When she entered, she saw
Anubis, still unconscience, chained in the air. She shrugged and was about
to close the door when she heard a soft moan and chains being rattled. Mia
looked back at Anubis and saw his eyes opening.

"So, you're finally awake?" She said tauntingly. Anubis, realizing where
he was, tried to struggle against the chains. Mia laughed. "It's no use.
You'll never be able to escape from those chains. And even if you did, you
would have to face me." Anubis stopped his stuggling, knowing she spoke the

"Why?" He asked her, looking straight into her eyes.

"Why what?" Mia asked, still smirking.

"Why did you turn to their side Mia?" Anubis asked, his eyes saddening.
Mia saw this and flashes of the past came into her mind. They were memories
she didn't even know she had........


It was when she was good. She and Anubis were beside a fire in a damp cave.
She shivered and Anubis' eyes softened. Then he put his arms around her and
pulled her close, letting her sleep beside him through the night..........


Anubis began to get worried. Mia seemed to be in some kind of trance, as
if she were thinking about something. Her eyes were full of confusion.

"Mia!!" Talpa's voice echoed. Mia seemed to snap out of her trance.

"Yes, Master Talpa?" She asked with a slightly shaky voice.

"Bring him to me! It is time to rid ourselves of him for good!" His voice
commanded. Mia nodded and obeyed. She snapped her fingers. She and Anubis
disappeared from the dungeon and appeared in Talpa's throne room. Talpa eyed
Anubis, whom was still in chains. Anubis glared at Talpa. Mia had her eyes
fixed on the ground. This felt wrong. What was she feeling? What about her
dream? That strange flashback? They couldn't be real could they?

"Mia!" Talpa's voice yelled. "MIA!!!" He shouted again, noticing her
eyes seemed distant. Mia jumped in surprise.

"Yes, Master Talpa?" She asked, her eyes searching the room until she
saw him. Talpa was unhappy with this. Her eyes looked a little different, as
if she were not totally under his control anymore.

"What's the matter Mia? You seem lost in thought." He eyed her
carefully. Mia started to get frightened. She was truly scared of Talpa.

"N....No Master Talpa. I was just distracted, that's all." She tried to
cover it up. ~I should get these thoughts out of my mind. I can not let
these traitor's thoughs delude me. You know what happens to traitors.....~
Talpa broke her train of thought.

"I think something is bothering you Mia." He eyes glowed red. Neither he,
nor Mia noticed that Anubis was slowly making his way out of the chains.
Just a few more seconds and he would be free.

"Of course not Master Talpa. Nothing is the matter." Mia said in a more
frantic voice. Talpa's eyes flashed red.

"I belive it is time to reinforce my control over you." Talpa laughed
slightly. "It seems that you are slipping away from my grasp." Talpa knew
that she had regained memories. Which memories, he did not know, but he knew
that the Aradia spirits would only seclude her memories, not erase them.
They were bound to resurface sooner or later. All she needed was a little
boost of his energy and those memories would leave her mind for now until he
could figure out how to permanantly erase them.

"I assure you Master Talpa, there is no need for that!" Mia said
frantically now. Her eyes widened in fear. Talpa laughed as a beam of red
energy shot towards her. She gasped. She could feel it coming towards her.
She shielded her eyes. Right when she thought it would hit her, something
else slammed into her and knocked her to the ground.

"What?!" Talpa shouted outraged. He saw Anubis shielding Mia's body from
the energy with his armor. When the energy stopped, Mia opened her eyes and
looked up. Anubis was protecting her. But why? Mia gasped as Anubis
struggled to his knees, then almost fell. He was still weak from their

"Why.....Why did you do that?" Mia asked, confusion setting in. She knew
that if that energy had hit her, she would be in a great deal of pain right
now and probably would have been knocked out. Anubis opened his eyes and
struggled to speak.

"Because I will not let Talpa keep his hold on you." Mia's eyes became
vacant again as another memory came to her.........



Mia lay unconscience in Anubis' arms. White Blaze jumped at him, but
Anubis crouched to protect Mia. White Blaze's sharp claws and teeth ripped
at his armor and Anubis gritted his teeth, hugging Mia's body closer. No
matter what, he wouldn't let her go. He wouldn't let her get hurt..........



Mia came back to reality and saw Anubis, kneeling on one knee and
clenching his fist in pain. His eyes were closed painfully.

"What are these thoughts?" She asked aloud. "They can't be real. They
must be illusions!" She was so confused. She didn't know what to do. Anubis
opened his eyes and looked at her. His determination sparked another



Cale jumped down from the trees, ready to kill Anubis and Mia. Anubis
protectively stayed in front of her.

"You stay away from her! If you hurt her, I'll see to it that this is
your last day alive!" Anubis shouted.

"Hand over the girl and I will spare you your death." Cale offered.

"Never! You'll have to get through me to get to her!" Anubis challenged



Anubis looked at Mia and she looked back at him.

"Mia....please, know now and always that I love you....." Anubis
watched her with pleading eyes. Mia was shocked.

"You.....you love me?" She asked.

"More than anything......." Anubis replied. A tear sparkled in Mia's
eye. The gold amulet around her neck bagen to crack.

"You do love me.....I remember now....." The tear rolled down her cheek
and the amulet burst into several large pieces. Several spirits exited her
body and disappeared into nothingness. Mia opened her eyes again, looking at
him. "Anubis....I...." She was cut off when Anubis yelled in pain. Mia
looked towards Talpa and saw that red energy was coming from him. It hit
Anubis head on and caused him to yell in pain.

Everything was suddenly clear to Mia. She was not evil. Anubis loved her
and she......she loved him.

"Anubis!" She screamed, tears filling her eyes.

"Now both of you will die!!!!!!" Talpa shouted in rage. He couldn't
believe his hold on Mia was broken. By Anubis, no less. He knew he would
have to have a talk with Aradia about this. For now, he was just satisfied
to kill them both.

"Anubis!" Mia ran towards him and was caught in the red light too. She
screamed in pain. Anubis literally crawled over to her. He put his arms
around her and held her close.

"You're going to be ok Mia. I won't let him hurt you." He could do
nothing but sit there and hold her, rocking her back and forth. The energy
still hit them hard. Mia sobbed on his shoulder.

"I'm so sorry Anubis.....what have I done?" She asked sorrow filling her
voice. Anubis hushed her and hugged her close.

"I swear, Talpa will pay for hurting you like this." He promised her.
Then both yelled in pain as Talpa hit them with energy again.

"Die you traitors!" He shouted. Tears streamed down Mia's face. She
hugged closer to Anubis.

"Anubis....I'm so sorry....I love you so much...." Anubis heard her and
couldn't stand seeing her like this.

"I love you too......" He held onto her tightly. One of Mia's tears
began to sparkle will a silver light. Then, all of Mia's tears glowed the
strange color.

"I won't let him hurt you Anubis. You've been there for me! You
sacraficed yourself for me. He won't hurt you anymore, I promise." She
sobbed. The silver tears flashed and a small shield formed around them. The
pain stopped and the silver light seemed to be healing them. Mia looked up
at Anubis. He looked back down at her, staring in awe. He then realized that
the shield had come from her. Her love had overcome the evil and had
protected them.



"ENOUGH!!!" Talpa shouted. He was outraged. Mia glared over at him and
stood up. Anubis stood beside her. Both had been completely healed by the
silver light. Mia took her Spirit Swords and held them in front of her.

"I will not let you hurt him anymore Talpa!" She shouted, her love for
Anubis outweighing her fear of Talpa. Her conidence rose when she felt a
strong presence beside her. Anubis grinned over at her.

"And I will defend her with my life." Both stood tall and proud, facing
the demon as if he were nothing.

"Then you both shall die!" Talpa proclaimed. Then the final battle