Hate This Place
By Stephanie



"Mia! Mia, wake up!" Someone was shaking Mia from her unconscienceness.

"What...." She asked as she looked up. She saw the Ronins gathered
around her. She sat up and looked around. "Huh...." She looked down at
herself to see her armor clad body. "Anubis!" She shouted his name and
looked around, but did not see him. The Ronins hung their heads.

"We couldn't find him." Rowen said solemnly. Tears filled Mia's eyes.

"He sacraficed himself....so I could defeat Talpa." Mia looked over at
the shell of an armor she had once feared so much. Ryo put a hand on her

"Mia, It's going to be alright." He tried to smile, but could not.

"What about that armor?" Sage asked as he studied her. Mia held the
swords in her hand.

"I...I..." The emotional pain overwhelmed her. She truly did not know
why she had armor. But she knew Anubis had something to do with it. She
threw herself onto the person nearest to her, which happened to be Cye, and
sobbed. He provided a shoulder for her to cry on. He looked up at the

"There will be time for that later." He told Sage. Sage nodded. Mia
wasn't sure, but she could have sworn she heard Anubis' voice.

~Be strong...I'll be with you...always...~