I Miss You So Much

By Stephanie


Mia sat in the moonlight, remembering the painful memories of Talpa's
short reign on earth. The one thing she remembered most was the red haired
man who sacraficed himself to save the last of the Ancients. She remembered
the first day he stayed with her as if it were yesterday......


The reformed Anubis stood in the doorway of Mia's kitchen. He really had
changed more than she thought. His beautiful eyes were no longer crazed and
he was not a mad man anymore. He was quite handsome when she took the time
to look at him. Anubis patiently watched as Mia fixed some stuff for dinner.
"Mia?" He had asked softly, almost afraid to speak. Luckily, Yuli was
upstairs playing with White Blaze.
"Yes?" She looked up at him and saw him standing there. Her heart
skipped a beat at his nobleness. He smiled at her.
"Thank you, for giving me this chance. I know you must not trust me ater
everything I have done to you." His eyes saddened at the rememberance of
his past.
"I do trust you Anubis. I know you have changed and the evil that Talpa
had placed in you is gone and will never resurface again. You are noble and
brave, and I know you will not turn your back on me or the Ronins." She
smiled at him as he smiled back at her. Much to her surprise, Anubis took
her hand and gently kissed the back of it.
"Thank you Mia. If it wasn't for you, I don't know if the Ronins would
have accepted me here." Anubis then walked out of the kitchen, leaving Mia
blushing slightly.



"Why did you have to leave?" Mia asked herself aloud. She knew she would
never be able to get Anubis back. As a song on the radio came on softly,
she listened closely to the words.

I never asked for this feeling,
I never though I would fall,
I never knew how I felt til the day you were gone,
I was lost......

Mia saddened as the lyrics continued.

I never asked for red roses,
I wasn't looking for love,
Somehow I let my emotions take home and guess what?
All at once, I'm in love......

Mia sighed. She remembered how Anubis always left a rose by her bedside
every morning......


Mia awoke one morning to find the usual red rose on her night stand. She
smiled as she twirled the delicate flower between her fingers and smelled
its sweet scent. She got up and showered and dressed, then went downstairs
with the rose in her hand. Yuli was still asleep, but Anubis was already
"Good morning." He greeted her.
"Morning Anubis." She smiled at him. Anubis smiled back. Mia was lost in
the pools of blue-green in his eyes. Anubis returned the gaze, not wanting
to ever look away. Mia sat next to him on the couch. "Thanks for the rose."
Mia told him.
"A beautiul rose for a beautiful woman." Anubis told her. This made Mia
blush. He was very good at flattering her.
"Thank you." She responded softly. Anubis looked at her.
"You mean a lot more to me than I realized at first Mia." His words
surprised Mia. "I owe you a lot. You trusted me when the Ronins had
doubts." Mia smiled. Anubis put his hand against her cheek and tilted her
chin towards him. "I love you Mia." He then brushed his lips with hers and
for a moment, each was in paradise. When Anubis pulled away, Mia blushed
furiously. She didn't know what to say. Instead, Anubis disappeared into
the kitchen without a word.


Mia held back the tears. Another verse of the song came on.

I miss you so much,
I loathe for your love.
It scares me, cause my heart gets so weak,
That I can't hardly breath.....

A tear rolled down Mia's cheek. As much as she had denied it when he was
alive, she missed him so much. He was never afraid of anything. He showed
her how he felt straight out, but she hesitated to show her secret love for
him. But she knew he knew. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he could
read her. She wished she had cherished their moments together before they
were cruelly snatched from eachother. Another verse of the song played.


How I hate what you have done,
Made me fall deep in love,
Cause your the only one I want,
The only one I love.....


Tears trickled down her cheeks and dripped from them. Her lower lip
"Anubis, I'm so sorry." She whispered into the night. "I love you Anubis,
and I'm not afraid to admit it anymore." She felt a breeze blow by here and
she knew it was him. Somehow she could feel his presence. She calmed down,
but the emptiness within her remained. She curled up in her chair on the
deck and turned off the radio. The wind blew and she knew it was her love,
comforting her and whispering to her. Words flowed on the wings of the wind
as she drifted to sleep.
"Goodnight Mia. A beautiful rose for a beautiful woman." A rose appeared
on the table beside the chair Mia had drifted to sleep. Mia whispered,
"I love you Anubis." Then she was silent, her tears shimmering in the