I had to do a project for Latin, a laudatio, praising either the dead or one
of the living, and I thought that it would go remarkably well for Mia an
Anubis. The Latin if first and then there is the translation. The
parentheticals are the literal translations.


Mei petrrpuus Amicus

in tui tenebram ambulatus , mors euis me occidit. sine animus tui me ductus
, in perturbationem tenebrarum pereo.
In perpetuum, mei amicum carissimum tu es, in perturbationem noctis lux
Opto tumpus ubi unus perpetuum erimus.
Anima mei, ab tu lucem donatus est, floret.
Salve, valeque, rede ad me.

My eternal friend

having walked in yoru shaow, the loss of it devistate (kills) me. without
your spirit, havign lead me, i am lost in the chaos of darkness.
for eternity you are ym earest friend, making light in the chaos of night.
i pray, for the time when we wil eb togeather for all time.
my life, having been given light by you, flourishes.
be strong, be safe and return to me.