Mia watched the sunrise over the lake in front of her house. She sighed as tears came to her eyes. They rolled down her
cheeks and glistened in the rising sun.

"It's beautiful..." she thought to herself. "He would have loved to see it...." Her mind began to wander. It was
about two months after Talpa and the Dynasty were defeated. Mia and the other Ronins could now return to their
normal lives. They all still stayed at Mia's house, still weary but more relaxed knowing the Dynasty was beaten.
One thing had been on Mia's mind for the entire month. Someone she loved dearly was killed in the fight. Her
thoughts trailed to her loved one when a familiar, black hair young man walked up to her.

"You're up early." The friendly voice caught Mia by surprise and she jumped up. Seeing who it was, she quickly
wiped the tears from her eyes and smiled.

"You scared me Ryo. I'm glad you're up though, I was getting a little lonely." Ryo smiled, pretending not to
notice her tears. He began walking back inside.

"The other guys are up. We were hoping that we could go hiking in the woods around here. Wanna come?
We can continue your training." Mia smiled. After Talpa's defeat, the five boys promised to teach Mia to defend herself
better. She was doing really good, and could probably easily take out a couple of Dynasty soldiers if she needed to. She smiled.

"Yeah, I'll come. I'll be in in a minute ok?" She turned to the yellow sun burning in the horizon. Ryo walked back inside
as Mia sighed. Mia whispered softly to herself.

"Oh Anubis...where are you?"

* * * * * * * * *

In a dark and shadowed throne room, a young man sat in the lavish throne. He was in black armor,
exactly like the warlord's, that was trimmed in gold. His dark blue eyes glistened with an essence of evil
and his black hair only added to his sinister look. He grinned as a Dynasty soldier knelt before him.

"Sire, we have found the girl." The metalic creature spoke in a harsh voice. The man smiled evilly.

"I am pleased. Keep up with her, and don't let her out of your sight for long, understand?" The soldier nodded
obediently as the man waved his hand, signalling that he was to be left alone. He stood and held his hand out
as a jeweled necklace appeared in his hand. It was a silver chain, a delicate piece of jewelry. It had a
soft, icy blue jewel in the shape of a tear drop connected the chain. The pearl emitted a soft blue light which
sent warmth through the man's hand.

He grinned as his voice echoed in the room.

"At last my queen, you will be mine."