Anubis sat in living room with his face in his hands. He was angry with himself for letting him get her, he could have helped her. But Mia was gone and he felt that it was all his fault. Sage put a hand on Anubis' shoulder.

"Don't worry, we'll get her back." He smiled, trying to keep positive although he felt absolutely helpless. Ryo was looking out the window with a worried look that told he was in deep thought. Rowen was sitting on the couch and was obviously thinking too. Kento looked at the candy bar he was holding. He couldn't eat it, he was just too worried about Mia. Cye was watching all of his friends with worry and was also thinking about Mia. The silence was broken by a loud roar from White Blaze. He snarled as he burst through the front door and he stood poised for action outside the house.

"White Blaze!" Ryo yelled. "What is it boy?" He ran outside and the others followed. They couldn't see anything. The lake was shimmering in the afternoon sun and shadowed forest looked as it always did. White Blaze roared again and continued to snarl.

"Did you miss me boys?" They heard Mia's voice, only it was different, kinda seductive sounding. Anubis looked around.

"Mia, you're ok!" He shouted in happiness. Mia gave a laugh, much like that of Lady Kayura's when she was with the Dynasty.

"Oh, I'm much better than ok." Everyone gasped in surprise as Mia's form stepped out from the shadows of the forest. She was in the black leather outfit and the silver necklace hung around her neck. White Blaze snarled and bared his teeth at her. She laughed.

"What's the matter White Blaze? Don't you recognize your old friend Mia when you see her?" She gave an evil little smile. Rowen started to catch on.

"Wait you guys, this isn't the same Mia. She's different, really different." Mia began encircling them, watching them and noticing every feature.

"You were always the smart one Strata. You're absolutely right. I'm not the weak, helpless Mia you all knew. Oh no, I've found power now." She gave an evil grin, as if she were planning something. Sage watched her slowly walk around them.

"No, you didn't turn to his side!" He exclaimed almost desperately hoping she would snap out of it and return to normal. She paused in front of Sage and tilted her head slightly.

"What's the matter Halo? Don't you like my new look?" She giggled slightly. "A real guy getter isn't it?" She walked around until she reached Anubis, whom was watching her stunned by both her outfit and the fact that she had turned to the Dynasty.

"Why Mia? Why did you do this?" He asked with sorrow and sadness in his voice.

"Simple." She answered. "I found true power. I am no longer weak and pathetic like the rest of you. I finally returned to my rightful place as a Dynasty princess. Taitou graciously awakened my powers for me and gave me the honor of getting rid of you all." A light wind began to pick up and it blew wisps of hair around her face. White Blaze had had enough and he charged at her. He leapt into the air, claws ready to rip Mia apart. Mia held up her hand as the tiger approached and it began to glow light blue. White Blaze froze in the air and began to glow the same icy blue as her hand.

"Now you can witness just a sample of my power." She grinned, a bloodthirsty look in her eyes. Her head turned towards the wall of her house. She grinned and pointed her arm towards it. In an instant, White Blaze was hurled into the wall and was knocked out.

"White Blaze!" Ryo yelled in anger. "Why are you doing this Mia?" He yelled in desperation. "Don't do this! Don't turn to their side!" He shouted to her. Cye joined in.

"Yeah Mia, we want you on our side! We miss you!" Anubis called out to her too.

"We love you Mia! We want you here with us!" Mia's cruel expression softened, as if she was remembering. She shook her head violently.

"Lies! All of them are lies! You never loved me! None of you ever needed me!" Her eyes turned cold and angry again. "I've found where I belong! I always have and always will belong with the Dynasty!" A sword appeared in her hands. "You all will be punished for your resistance to join us!" She pointed the sword at Anubis.

"And you will be the first to die." She stared at him coldly and Anubis' eyes showed shock and disbelief. He watched in horror as Mia held the sword in her grasp and grinned evilly. Anubis refused to fight her, and he refused to believe that Mia had turned to the Dynasty. Mia laughed.

"I suggest you armor up Anubis. You too Ronins. You're all in for quite a fight." She grinned as the Ronins also refused to armor up. Cye stepped towards her.

"We won't fight you Mia, you're our friend." Kento nodded.

"Cye's right. We won't fight you Mia!" The others nodded in agreement. Mia rolled her eyes.

"Too bad, I was looking for a challenge, but if you insist, I'll kill you all in a matter of seconds." The pearl on her necklace began to glow and her eyes shone with excitement. "This will be fun." She pointed her sword at Anubis. "It's been nice knowing ya." She smirked and wind began to blow harder. It swept hair around her face as her eyes focused on Anubis. Her eyes began to glow icy blue and she grinned. "Now you die." She jumped into the air and came down upon Anubis. She kicked him right across the face and with lightning speed, she punched his jaw. Anubis' head snapped back and her winced in pain. Mia laughed. "I told you not putting your armor on was a mistake." Ryo looked worried.

"I think it's time we get armored up!" He called and everyone transformed into their armors. Ryo clenched his fists. "Hey Mia, you looking for a fight?" He called and held his two swords before him. Mia's gaze turned to him interestingly. She looked back at Anubis who was rubbing his jaw. She grinned.

"I'm up for that Ryo." She grinned and charged at Ryo. She slashed at Ryo with her sword and Ryo blocked it with his own. Mia kicked Ryo down as he kept her sword from penetrating his armor. Mia laughed.

"Is that all you've got?" Sage gritted his teeth.

"Need help Ryo?" He yelled as he charged at Mia. Mia grinned and sent a blast of blue energy at him. It his him in the chest and sent him flying backwards.

"You all are really pathetic you know." She kicked Ryo upside the head as he was about to strike out at her. Rowen jumped into the air and fired his bow.

"We'll get you back Mia!" Mia dodged every one of the arrows with ease. When Rowen landed, Mia used the handle of her sword and struck him in the head as well. She then kicked his chest and sent him skidding across the ground. Kento and Cye attacked together, both with weapons coming at Mia. Mia only grinned. She jumped high into the air just before their weapons hit her and land behind them. She punched Kento hard in the back and kicked Cye's legs out from under him. She opened the palm of her hand and icy blue light once again shot towards the Ronins. This time, all the Ronins, including Anubis, screamed in pain as the light shocked them and sent pain through their bodies.

"What's the matter? Oh, does that hurt?" Mia asked mockingly. She sent another wave of energy at them all and they writhed and screamed in agony. From the shadowed forest, Taitou's figure emerged.

"That will be enough Mia." He commanded. Mia looked up, surprised.

"But Taitou, I can kill them now and be rid of them." The Ronins and Anubis gasped as Mia stopped the beams of energy. Taitou grinned.

"We need them alive Mia. Come, you have proven yourself to the Dynasty." He grinned evilly. Mia grinned menacingly.

"As you wish, my lord." She bowed gracefully before him. Her blue sword disappeared. Taitou smiled pleasingly and disappeared back into the forest. Mia grinned.

"Looks like you pathetic warriors get to live awhile longer. 'Til them, try to get a little training done. I want a challenge next time." She laughed as her figure disappeared in a mist of black. Sage struggled to get up.

"This is bad….." He mumbles as watched the others struggle to push themselves up.