Chapter Eight

Mia’s eyes shimmered as she gazed into the ball of icy
blue light. Taitou stood and watched her, then grinned
"You gave those pathetic boys quite a scare.” He smiled
pleasingly. Mia grinned slightly.
“Yeah. That’s certainly an encounter they’ll never forget.”
She gazed into the silver ball and she could see Anubis. He
was sitting on the stairs of her porch, his face in his hands.
Somewhere deep inside, a part of her wanted to run to him and
throw herself into his arms. She watched as he sat there, mourning
over something.
“Tell me Taitou….” She kept a steady gaze on Anubis’ sad
figure. “Why does Anubis feel sadness because I am gone?”
Her eyes watched Anubis and she felt pity for him. There was
that feeling again, to run to him and throw her arms around him.
Taitou noticed the human compassion filling her eyes. He saw her
features sadden, as if the part of her that he surpressed with his
dark power was resurfacing. At this, he grew angry.
“He could never mourn over you Mia, you are my princess.”
He held her chin and turned it towards him, away from the image
of Anubis. “I am your master and you will do as I command.”
Mia tried to pull away. What was this strange sensation she
was feeling? It was as if she had to get away from him.
“I think you need some reinforcement.” He growled as his hand
began to glow black. Suddenly everything came back to Mia. He
kidnapped her, forced her to turn to his side, flooded her mind
with lies, and filled her heart with blackness. She struggled
against his grip but he was stronger than she was.
“Nooooo!” She screamed as the black light again engulfed her
and her memories were pushed away from her conscious thought and
she was once again under Taitou’s control.

“There has got to be a way to get through to her!” Rowen
banged his fist on the desk. He had been at Mia’s computer all
night, searching for a way to reverse Taitou’s power. Earlier,
he had noticed that a kanji was glowing very faintly on her forehead.
It was when they were trying to convince her to return to them and
for a moment, it seemed as if she were considering it. If only
he had seen it clearly, it might have been able to help him. He
again started to type away on the computer when Anubis walked in.
He was very bummed out but smiled meekly.
“Any luck?” He asked, hoping Rowen had found something to bring
Mia back to them.
“No, not yet.” He scratched his head. “But I’ll keep trying.”
Anubis nodded and walked out the door. Rowen kept typing. He stayed
in the study for 2 more hours before everyone in the house heard a
him yell.
“I’VE GOT IT!” Rowen ripped the page from the printer and ran
downstairs. “GUYS! I’ve found out how we can get Mia back!!”
Everyone huddled around as he read the paper aloud.
“In a hidden cave on Mount Doji, there is a secret armor.
This armor has the power of light and was created by the ancient
to help destroy Talpa. A Dynasty princess named Tamura has been
the only one to ever wear this armor. It is said that only one of
her direct descendants can wear this armor. Though it was once used
for evil, the Ancient purified the armor and it can never turn to the
dark side again. If one of Tamura’s descendants is to fall to the
dark side, she will not be easily returned. However, if exposed to
the armor, the descendant will be rid of any evil she may possess.
The Armor of Iced Wind can only be found in a hidden cave on Mount
Doji. Use extreme caution, for it is guarded by various spirits.”
Everyone stared at Rowen.
“WE’RE GETTING MIA BACK!” Kento yelled with delight. Everyone
cheered with joy. Now all they have to do is find the cave and lure
Mia into it.