Anubis led the group as they all tramped up the mountain.
He was more than anxious to find this armor and to get Mia back.
He was a few feet ahead of the others as they headed towards the
top. Sage ran up to catch him.
"Hey, wait up!" He called. The others stayed a little behind
because Sage had told them to. He said he had something to ask
Anubis about. Anubis looked back at him.
"Oh, sorry." He slowed his pace ever so little and kept trudging
uphill. Sage steadied his pace to match Anubis'.
"That's alright." He hesitated a moment. "There's something
I wanted to ask you." Anubis kept walking.
"Go ahead." He shivered slightly in the old.
"'ve been wandering..." He again hesitated. He
decided to come out and ask it. "Is there something between you and
Mia?" Anubis stopped in his tracks and gave Sage a cold glare. Sage
winced, sorry he had mistaken Anubis' actions as possible affection for
their feminine friend. Anubis spoke harshly.
"Since when have my personal matters been your business?" He
continued his cold glare for a moment, then turned away from Sage and
continued walking up the mountain. Sage was confused. Was that a yes
or a no? He couldn't decide. Anubis kept walking and soon, the other
Ronins caught up and Sage shrugged, signalling that he hadn't gotten a
clear answer. Rowen looked around.
"Hey wait! This is the spot. It's on the map." He looked at
the map he had printed out to varify his conclusion. Anubis was
allready one step ahead of him.
"It's over here." He pointed to a cave, barely even visible
because it was hidden in the snow. A soft, icy blue light was
glowing from within the cave. Anubis looked back to make sure they
were coming before he walked in. Once inside, Anubis looked back again,
but the walls of the cave melted over the entrance. He could hear the
guys outside.
"What's up with this?" He heard someone pound their fists on the
rock. "Hey! Anubis! You ok?!" Kento yelled. Anubis punched at the rock
wall, but it didn't even crack.
"Yeah, I'm fine. Don't worry, I'll find it. You guys just stay
there." He didn't even wait for an answer. Instead, Anubis just
turned towards the soft blue light still shining somewhere inside and
kept walking. He briskly walked until he found himself in a chamber.
In the center was a small platform with a ball of soft blue-silver.
The light was obviously shining from this kanji orb.
"That's it!" He whispered aloud. As he tried to reach for the orb,
some kind of force field shot him backwards and he made a loud thump as he
slammed into the wall. He rubbed his head and looked up to see the orb
pulsing icy blue. He stood back up and looked at the orb, unsure of what
to do. From the glowing light, a figure began to form. He shielded his
eyes as it flashed a brilliant silver color. When he removed his hand from
his eyes, he saw a woman standing in a long, silk dress of icy blue. She
looked Mia! Only something was different.
"Mia..." He asked softly. The figure smiled softly.
"No...I am Tamura...spirit of the armor in which you seek." Anubis
looked wide eyed at her. She looked a lot like Mia! So alike, it was
"I wish to get the armor, to save Mia." Tamura nodded.
"I know what you have come for. I could not let the others come
here. They love Mia, but not as you do." Anubis sighed slightly. She
was right. He did love Mia, but he never told anyone, for fear that his
enemies would use her to get to him. "You must protect her Anubis.
Take the armor. If she is to touch it, she will be brought back to you.
Please, keep her safe Anubis." With that, the spirit vanished and only
the orb was left. Anubis shakily grabbed it and felt no resistance this
time. He grabbed the pearly orb and was surrounded in a flash of silver

"I don't like this!" Ryo shouted, frustrated that Anubis had yet to
come out or they to find a way in. Sage crossed his arms and leaned
against the tree.
"There's nothing we can do. The rock won't budge. Not even Kento
can crack it. We just have to wait." The five young warriors stood
outside the sealed rock. Out of no where, a familiar red hair man fell
from an unseen place in the sky. He landed with a thud and rubbed his
"Damn that hurt!" He looked up at the five anxious faces and held up
the kanji orb. "I got it." Everyone cheered. As Ryo helped Anubis up,
a scent of flowers filled the air. Then, an evil and flirty laugh rang
in their ears. They turned to see Mia standing in the snow. She grinned evilly and called out to them.
"Alright boys, now it's time to play."