Ryo, Sage, Cye, Kento, and Rowen all stood protectivly
around Mia and Anubis. Ryo gave all the warriors a determined
look and they all nodded back to him.
"Ronin Warriors! To arms!" Ryo commanded and all the Ronins
transformed into their respective armors. Taitou laughed at the
"Such pathetic attempts. Do you think you stand a chance
against me in your weak armors? Ha! Such fools!" He rose his
hand and black energy reached out to all of the warriors. "You
will be punished for your insolance!" He shouted and before Mia or
Anubis could to anything, the Ronins were hurled into the air and
smashed down onto the frozen tundra. As they attempted to get up,
Taitou sent another wave of energy at them and they all screamed in
"NO!!" Mia shouted, she tried to run to them, but it was
too late. When Taitou released them from the energy, they fell
onto the ground, unconcious. Mia gritted her teeth.
"That's it! No one hurts my friends!" She summoned all her
courage and called out in a defiant voice. "Armor of Iced Wind!
TAO CHI!" She was encircled with ice blue and soft violet lights
and when the lights dimmed, she was in armor. It was ice blue in
color and seemed to fit her body perfectly. She didn't wear a
helmet and she held a long sword in her hand that was icy blue and
looked like a sword of ice. Anubis stood beside her.
"It's time we finish you!" He called to Taitou. "This will be
your last battle!" Taitou grinned evilly.
"If you say so." He smirked. In a flash, both Mia and
Anubis were blinded by flashing white light. When Mia finally
opened her eyes, Anubis was gone and only Taitou stood before her.
She gripped her sword.
"What have you done with Anubis?!" She asked. Taitou grinned
slightly, but said nothing. Instead, he sprang at her, ready to attack.


Anubis opened his eyes and Mia was gone. He looked around him
and when he saw Taitou standing there, he smirked. Perfect, Anubis
could take him out without worry of hurting Mia. He charged at the
figure, ready to tear him to pieces.

Mia gasped and barely missed being sliced in half by Taitou.
She jumped into the air, sword in hand, and attacked him from behind.
She landed a solid kick to his back, sending him falling to his knees.
But he quckly sprang back up and was attacking again.

Anubis, caught by surprise, felt a sharp pain in his back as
Taitou kicked him hard. He quickly recovered and sprang to his
feet. He turned, and punched Taitou in the stomach, sending him
flying backwards.

Mia landed on the gorund with a loud thud. Taitou had punched
her pretty hard. She stod back up, ready to demolish him.

Anubis stood facing Taitou. Anubis grinned and he knew what
to do.

Mia wanted to do her sure-kill, but didn't know what it was.
She started to think. ~Please....I have to defeat him...~ Suddenly,
words entered her mind and she smirked. She lifted her sword above her
hand and a cold wind began to pick up. Then, icy blue energy emitted
from her sword and she knew she was ready.

"ARTIC WIND BLAST!!!!" Mia and Anubis both gasped as they
realized they had been fighting eachother. Unfortunately, it
was to late and the two blasts hit their targets. Anubis was hit
directly by the ball of icy blue energy and was knocked to the floor
while Mia was being constricted by the his chains. Taitou laughed
"Pathetic fools. I deceived you with the simpliest of tricks.
Now you two have finished the job for me." He laughed evilly again.
Mia fell onto the ground as Anubis' chains let her go and she was
suddenly weak and dizzy. Anubis struggled to stand. He looked over
at Mia and stumbled over to her. Mia unsurely pushed herself up.
"Mia...." Anubis said weakly as he knelt beside her. Mia
smiled slightly.
"I'm ok....." She pushed herself up and gave Anubis a determined
look. Anubis nodded and helped her up. They stood before Taitou.
Mia gritted her teeth.
"I'll distract him. When you get your chance, use your special
attack and I'll use mine right after. That should be enough."
Anubis reluctantly let Mia stammer out towards Taitou. He stood
ready, knowing when he saw his chance, he had to take it.
"Alright Taitou, show me what you've got!" She held her sword
before her and watched as a black sword formed in Taitou's hand.
"This will be to easy." He smirked. He struck out at Mia and
she barely dodged. Mia made no attempts to attack him, but merely
distracted him while Anubis waited for his chance.

Anubis watched painfully as Mia barely escaped Taitou's next
attack. He prayed that she wouldn't get hurt. Mia took a chance
and struck out at Taitou, catching him offgaurd. He stumbled and
that is when Anubis decided to take his chance.
"QUAKE WITH FEAR!!!!!" He yelled and Taitou was soon consumed
by chains. Mia held up her sword and without the slightest hesitation,
she too attacked.
"ARTIC WIND BLAST!!!!" The icy blue energy shot towards
Taitou and hit him head on. When the smoke cleared, Taitou stood
unsurely on his feet, ready to collapse. Mia sprinted to Anubis
and he smiled when he saw that she was ok. Both gasped when Taitou
"You fools....such weak attacks cannot defeat me....." He coughed
slightly, obviously hurting from their attack. "Allow me to show
you a real attack!" He summoned his energy and jumped into the
"DARK SHADOW ARROW!!!!" Black energy shot towards Mia and Anubis.
They both screamed as the ball of black energy hit them. Mia fell
to her knees, soon to be followed by Anubis. Ryo struggled to open
his eyes and push himself slightly up. He saw Mia and Anubis being
attacked! The other guys were slowly coming to also. But all of them
were to weak as they saw the energy hit the two warriors and they
thought all hope was lost.
Tears formed in Mia's eyes. It wasn't supposed to be like this.
She wasn't even supposed to be a warrior. Why couldn't things
just be normal? Why couldn't she just love Anubis and that be
that? Anubis ached to comfort her, but he could not, for he was
too pained from the attack, which was still bombarding them, to
even comfort himself. Mia let out another painful and shrill
scream. Anubis followed her, his loud and pain filled.
"I won't let this happen....." Mia said from behind gritted
teeth. "I won't let him win...." Her armor began to glow soft
blue and purple light emitted from her sword. Her kanji symbol,
love, began to glow on her forehead and she looked over at Anubis,
pain still in her face. Anubis, gritting his teeth, responded to
"I won't let him hurt you anymore....I won't let him destroy
our world...." His kanji symbol began to glow and his armor
started glowing a soft gold. Both of them gasped as the light
from their armors collected around them and from their knees,
their armor's glowing energy formed and hurdled towards Taitou.
"No! This can't be!" Taitou yelled. "No one can defeat me!!!"
He screamed as the blue, purple, and gold light engulfed him and his
body was dissentigrated into nothingness. Mia smiled slightly at
Anubis. He returned it.
"We...." Anubis began.
"won...." Mia finished for him and both collapsed onto the
ground, drained from using their last bit of energy.