Mia's eyes fluttered open and she found herself on her bed.
She sat up slowly and groaned from her aching muscles. She looked
over at the bed beside hers and saw Anubis sitting on the edge of
it in normal clothes. He smiled at her and she saw a small bouqet
of flowers on the small desk next to her bed. Beside it was a note.
She picked it up and read it.

Mia and Anubis,

We thought you two need some alone time, so we took the liberty
of spending the day in the city. Thanks for saving us and the mortal

Your lovable and loyal friends,
The Ronins

Mia smiled to herself, then looked back at Anubis.
"Some alone time, huh?" She asked, mischeif in her eyes. Her
body no longer ached. In fact she felt more alive than ever. She
stood up and so did Anubis. He grinned.
"I think we deserve it." His eyes were gentle and caring. Mia
"I agree." They put their arms around eachother and kissed. It
was deep and passionate and both of them were all too happy that
the Ronins were spending the day out of the mansion. Now they were
finally able to show their love for eachother without interuption.
Mia sighed softly as Anubis laid her down on the bed, and they began
a day of showing their love to eachother. Until the world needs
these warriors again, they will find comfort and love in eachothers





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