Shattered Mirrors
Chapter 5

Mia went out for a walk late at night. She couldn't sleep so she threw on jean shorts under her baggy t-shirt night gown. She headed down stairs and grabbed a bottle of water from the refrigerator. She headed barefoot into the woods. Nothing cleared her mind better than walking barefoot in the woods, it was her way of getting back to nature.
The trees were quiet and still but as she got deeper into the woods she heard light chanting. She followed the voice and found a Cen sitting in the clearing in the woods. "Hello?" she asked.
He turned to face her, he only wore a pair of jean shorts and his right eye had Eygption make-up, the outline of this eye was in black and it came out to a tail at the right corner. "I am Nefear."
"Oh," was all Mia could say.
"But you knew that, didn't you? I know what you are trying to do by all this but it won't work. I can forgive him for what he did to me but not what he is doing to you," he looked down, his face sullen.
"You aren't a door prize to me. I don't care about you just because we slept together, I swear I only meant to share a bed not our bodies that night but it happened and I'm not sorry it happened. No one should feel bad for something so wonderful."
"Why do you care about me, Nefear?"
"I got a letter when I was preparing to honor Nubie's contract. The letter told me about this beautiful girl my brother had on the side. She was sweet, kind and the verist angel: passionate, interesting and had a good sense of humor. I also learned of her brave deeds to help the Ronins against Talpa. It wasn't hard to fall hard for you, Miara Korana Koji."
"Nefear, I don't know why you are telling me your identity..."
Nefear looked up at her with such sweet bitterness in his eyes. "I'm glad I get to tell you this because you won't suffer their cruelness but I don't want to hurt you!"
"Mia, this isn't the first time I've seen my brother since he was taken. I went into the Dynasty for a day then left... much to Talpa's chagrin."
"I'm glad..."
"Mia, I went to be a witness to Kayura and Anubis's wedding."