Blood Frosted Nightmares
By Angel Warlord

Chapter One


Mia stood in a void of darkness, a strange red light was the only source.
A voice chanted in her head, telling her different things. "Do not give into
the dynasty". Mia wished this would stop, the light made her feel horrible.
Walking towards the light, she noticed something of in the distance, it was
Anubis. "Anubis!" She called, yet her voice drown in the light.
Before she could walk over to him, he was run through by a sword.
"No!" She yelled, tears streaming down her face. Yet Anubis only stood
up, his eyes glowing a feirce blood red.
"Anubis?" She asked, scared to death. His voice talked to her,
sounding almost dead. "Do not give in to the dynasty"
Mia awoke in a cold sweat, the same nightmare for the past 3 days.
The only thing was, each time it was a different warlord.

Dais slammed his fist against a wall in a dynasty chamber, causing it to
He had too much anger and no way to let it out. "Traitor" Dais angrily
mumbled. "You could have come back to the dynasty, but instead you chose to
become a stupid monk!"
As if things couldn't of been worse, they already were. Cale had told Talpa
of a wonderful plan, Anubis' plan. He didn't tell Talpa that Anubis was the
one whom had thought of it, Cale's plan was to capture Mia.
Dais remembered clearly when Anubis had told him of that plan, but Dais had
no idea how Cale could have found it out. Now his leader had betrayed the
dynasty, by becoming a monk. Somehow, describing Anubis only as his leader,
made him even more angry. Angry, because there were no such thing as
in the dynasty.

Mia sat at her computer desk, but was not typing anything. She was thinking
about Anubis. The man whom, at the moment, was standing out in the rain,
watching the dynasty. How could he seem so at peace, when the ronins could
be in trouble? She remembered when she saw him as an ancient.
Mia hadn't realised it until then, but she had missed him. It was hard
to understand, just how she could have feelings for this man, after all
he had done. Anubis had tried to kill her,her friends, he had even kidnapped
her. The memory of that swept over her, she never forgot that day when he
let her go. It made her sad, that she couldn't ask him why he did that.
Anubis walked back in from the rain, making Mia remember she was looking
up information about the jewel of life's location. A few more clicks on the
computer keyboard and a map opened up.
"Are we going to get the jewel of life now?" Yuli asked, jumping over to
Mia's computer desk.
"Yes, Yuli" Mia sighed, Yuli certainly was a hand full.