Blood Frosted Nightmares
By Angel Warlord

Chapter Two


The 3 warlords stood infront of their master, Talpa.
"Cale, what is this plan of yours?"
Cale smirked. "There is this young girl whom has helped the ronins, they
not dare hurt her...Even if the was evil"
Dais felt anger boiling inside of him, this was Anubis' plan.
Unknown to any of the warlords, Talpa sensed this anger.
"Very good, Cale" Talpa's voice said.
Cale and Sekhmet argued for a time, about whom should get to take on the
"Silence" Talpa's voice hushed them all. "Dais will go"
Dais winced on the inside at this. "Yes, master Talpa" He disappeared, not
of how he was to go about doing this.
He appeared outside of Mia's mansion, his thoughts still cloudy.
Dais had been given orders, to kidnap this girl. Unlike the other warlords,
he knew her name to be Mia. The only reason for this, was because Anubis
had told him.


Mia typed at her computer, bringing up different versions of the map.
Anubis looked out the window, sensing an evil presence that he knew.
He walked out to the balcony, looking around for his old ally.
"Where are you, Dais?"
Dais had figured that Anubis would know it was him, so he jumped onto
the balcony.
"I have orders to take the girl" Dais was surprised he could say it.
Anubis glared. "I won't let you"
This did not surprise Dais, he knew he would have to kill Anubis before
he could even get to Mia.
"You are a traitor" Dais glared, anger inside of him again.
Anubis could see a dynasty soldier grab Mia, the only choice he had was
to turn around and use his staff to kill it.
This was the perfect chance for Dais to finish his mission, he could strike
Anubis down while he was not looking.
Dais could take Mia and leave, but he didn't. A voice inside of his head,
could only be known as Talpa yelled at him. 'STRIKE HIM DOWN!'