Blood Frosted Nightmares
By Angel Warlord

Chapter Three


Dais battled with his own thoughts, almost torn apart by the screaming in
his head. His master told him to strike down the monk, yet something held
him back,Dais had a horrible future no matter what he did to Anubis.
Either anger his master and receive horrid punishment, or to kill the
only person whom he could actually call an ally. Possibly go farther
than an ally, to go farther and say friend. Dais did the only thing
he knew would work, he whispered something so low to Anubis that it was
surprising he spoke at all. "Turn around!" It was more than a command, it
was a warning.
As Anubis turned around, Dais threw his weapon at him, wich Anubis managed
to block. Dais knew Talpa would not know that he had warned him about the
attack, this he was sure of.
Anubis on the other hand did know, wich did not surprise Dais one bit.
Though Dais, in his mind, refused to kill Anubis, they fought.
Mia watched them as they fought, nervously.
Something locked into her head. Anubis is the one whom is to help
the ronin warriors dystroy Talpa and the dynasty, the one whom is
to use the ancients staff to help them, yet something remained.
If this was his perpose, why did he not use the ancients staff
to kill Dais?
Mia watched them fight again, could Anubis be holding back for another
Meanwhile, a figure watches the two battle. A sinister grin appeared on his
face, as he plots the death of one of the two. It would make master Talpa
very pleased, but would take some consideration. If the plan went wrong, he
could wind up getting killed instead.
That wouldn't happen, this was going to be too easy. The figure chuckled as
he saw his pawn, the girl called Mia.