Blood Frosted Nightmares
By Angel Warlord

Chapter Four


You all probably do not know me, but I am your narrator. It is a sad,
time right now. No, not for me, but for the people our story focus's on.
It seemed clear that the ronins had defeated Talpa, when he had managed
to get the better of them again. Yet, something is terribly wrong now.
Not only has Talpa captured lady Kayura,Dais,Cale, and Sekhmet, he has
gotten a new group of evil to do his dirty work.
One more wicked than Badammon, his name being Carminian.
No I'm not going to go into long detail, since such little is known about
this new evil. I can go as far as to tell you that he has one main target,


Mia sat on a stone, watching the beautiful waterfall infront of her.
It seemed hard to imagine something so at peace, in a world full of
distruction. She sighed as she looked up at the moon. Mia looked over
at Anubis, whom was leaned up against a tree. Whom would have ever
thought he would be back, yet it made her happy that he was.
It was sad that they couldn't spend more time together, it was
seeming that they were coming more distant from each other.


Anubis opened his eyes and looked around, something was wrong.
He could sense an evil, yet it felt different.
An figure appeared, walking towards them. Anubis grasped his
staff, but didn't attack.
"Now, Anubis, I'm shocked" The figure tauntingly smirked. "Do you
really think you have me figured out?"
Anubis grasped his staff tighter. "What do you want with us?"
"I do not need anything from you, but I would like to speak with
the young lady" He smirked.
Mia pushed back her fear. "What do you want?"
"Why, I want you, Mia. Quite a peice you will be to add to my
growing collection" His smirk not longer held it's place on his face. "You
will make a beautiful dynasty warrior, so just come with me"
Anger came over Mia. "I'll never join the dynasty!"
The man seemed to get slightly anger. "Dear lady, you do not have a choice.
You will come with me to the dynasty and I will see to it that Talpa
makes you become a warrior"
"I won't allow it!" Anubis yelled, swinging his staff at the man.

It all happened so fast, Mia couldn't tell what happened. Horror
overcame her as she watched the man pull out a sword and before
Anubis could put his guard back up, the man stuck the sword into
Anubis' stomach.
"No!" Mia yelled, images of her nightmare coming back.
Anubis stood for a minute, almost gasping for air. Then, he fell over, still
"Anubis!" Tears fell down her cheek as Mia knelt beside him.
Anubis looked up at her. "I am sorry, Mia"
"No...Anubis" More tears fell from Mia's eyes.
More memories of nightmares flooded her mind.
"Run..Mia.." Anubis barely was able to get out.
Mia wanted to stay with Anubis, to help him, but the force in his voice
commanded her to go. She did the only thing she could, ran towards her