Blood Frosted Nightmares
By Angel Warlord

Chapter Five


To Mia it seemed like one of those nightmares, where you run but you don't
to go anywhere. Her mind told her to run, but her heart told her to stop and
go back to Anubis. She was torn between two decisions, but getting the
to help Anubis would be better than just her.
The man that had almost killed Anubis was right on her tracks, wich made her
try to run faster than she was capable of going.
Mia ran even faster when she saw her mansion ahead of her, only it wasn't
the same. Dynasty soldiers surounded the place, as well as some nether
The ronin warriors were busy fighting off most of the evil, when Mia ran
over to them.
"Hand over the girl, Ronin Warriors, and no harm will come to you" The man
angrily shouted.
The ronin warriors got in battle mode, while Mia could only watch.


Anubis struggled to his feet, after some time. He didn't know if he would
be able to do anything, but grasped his staff anyway. Anubis had managed
to tie a cloth around his wound, but wasn't sure how much longer he would
be able to last. Even though he could barely move, only one thought was
in his mind. Protect Mia.