Blood Frosted Nightmares
By Angel Warlord

Chapter Six


Mia had only one mean of protection, the small spear she had taken from one
of the dynasty soldiers.
The man walked towards her, the ronin warriors lay on the ground in pain.
"Now, Mia, look what your stubborness has caused" The Man taunted. "If you
come with me at the begining, Anubis would not be dead right now"
Mia grasped the spear harder, holding back the tears that pleaded to come
"He is not dead!"
The man laughed at this remark. "Young lady, you should listen to warnings"
A confused look placed itself on Mia's face.
"Oh, don't tell me you forgot your dreams, Mia" The man taunted again.
Anger came over Mia. "You mean nightmares! What do you want from me?!"
"Mia, how would you like to rule the netherworld by my side?" This time, he
sounded serious.
"What are you talking about?" Mia didn't like where this was going.
The man smirked. "You could be my queen, Mia. We could rule together, making
everyone fear the dynasty"
A tear trickled down Mia's face and mumbled. "Never"
"You don't have a choice!" He ran towards her with his sword, Mia couldn't

Anubis just made it to Mia's mansion, yet terror came over him as he
saw Mia not moving out of the way. It wasn't her fault, it was those
nether spririts.
With the last bit of energy he could summon up, Anubis threw his staff over
infront of Mia.
A yellow light beamed out of it around her, causing the man to stop.
"What is that horrible light?!" He sheilded his eyes. "I can't stand that!"
With that, the man dissapeared, but not before saying his farewell. "I'll be
back for you, Mia"
The light dissapeared as the man did. "Anubis?" Mia asked, uncertain.
Anubis had run out of energy, He fell unconscience on
the ground.