Blood Frosted Nightmares
By Angel Warlord

Chapter Seven

"I'll make a deal with you, Mia" Zorconi, the same man whom had hurt Anubis,
smirked evily.
Mia's heart was beating rapidly. "I won't make any deals with you"
"Oh, I think you will, Mia" He smirked again, this time with a sadistic
glow. "You see,Mia, in my hand I hold something that I think you might
want" Zorconi took off the necklace he wore, holding it up.
"Why would I want that?" Mia asked, yet something seemed sad about that
Zorconi no longer smirked, but you could see the joy he was getting out of
hurting people. "Inside this jewel is Anubis' life"
Horror once again overcame Mia, she couldn't even begin to believe him. "How
do I know for sure?"
"If I break it, he lives, if I cast a spell on it, he dies" Zirconia smirked
yet again. "Care to take a chance?"
Mia shook her head."What do I have to do?"
Something flashed through her head, a plead. 'No, Mia! Don't do it!'
It was Anubis, but she pushed it out of her head.
"Simple, come with me back to the nether realm to be my wife" He dangled the
necklace infront of her face.
The voice was getting stronger, but Mia payed no attention to it.


Another tear fell down her cheek, she did not want to marry this man.
Only one thing kept her from dying from emotional pain and that was that
Anubis was alive.
Zorconi didn't keep part of his deal though, he had let Anubis live, but he
had left him dying from the fight by the waterfall.
"Why so glum?" A familiar voice asked. Mia looked up in shock, not expecting
to see the person she saw.