Blood Frosted Nightmares
By Angel Warlord

Chapter Eight


"Dais?" Mia asked, unsurely. "I thought Talpa had caught you all in the
The former warlord of illusion stood in the doorway with his arms crossed.
"You could say Talpa got desperate, he needed warlords" Dais turned his head
to look at Mia. "I didn't believe you were here until I saw you"
Mia wiped the tears off her cheek. "It wasn't by choice"
"Your lucky" Was Dais' reply after a few minutes.
Mia turned at him, an almost angry look on her face. "Lucky? How can I
be lucky?"
"He didn't kill you" Dais answered.
Mia stood up, looking out the small window that overlooked the dynasty.
"It would have been better if he had, at least I wouldn't have to live
without the man I actually have feelings for" She pushed back another
Dais smirked. "Anubis"
Mia turned towards him, shocked."How did you?"
"I was the only one he told" Dais frowned.
A long silence followed, Mia wasn't sure she could trust this warlord.
"Don't trust him" Dais said as he started out the door.
Mia looked over at him. "Whom?"
"Zorconi" Dais finished as he left.


Anubis opened an eye, feeling weak from blood loss. It took some effot, but
he finnaly stood up and looked around. Mia, nor Zorconi, were no where
in site.
"Mia, how could you?" He clentched his fist in anger. "You shouldn't be
in the nether realm"
Anubis grasped his staff, slowly overcoming the pain. His wounds had
stopped bleeding and now only hurt.
He took a deep breath before his staff started glowing a bright yellow.


"Where have you been?" Sekhmet asked, as Dais leaned up against a wall.
Dais looked towards the other 2 warlords, but didn't say a word.
"He was visiting that mortal" Cale smirked. "The one that he failed to bring
Dais ignored them, it had worked for him for several years.
A dynasty soldier ran into the room. "Intruder at the 3rd gate"
"I'll go" Dais sighed, then disapeared.