Blood Frosted Nightmares
By Angel Warlord

Chapter Nine

Mia struggled to get free from Zorconi's grasp, but he held onto her arm too
"Your coming with me, Mia" He angrily dragged her up some stairs.
Ever since it had been noted that Anubis, as well as the ronin warriors,
in the castle, Chaos had been everywhere.
The Ronins were defeating Talpa, but nobody knew where Anubis was.
"We're going into a time warp, where Anubis can't follow us" He laughed.
Mia was having no luck in getting away from him, but she had an idea.
"Your scared of him" She glared at Zorconi. "Because he can defeat you"
Zorconi laughed again. "Maybe you've forgotten what I did to him last
"Then why are you running from him?" Mia still glared.
Zorconi stopped and glared at Mia. "I can't be running from him because he's
not even around!"
A jingle sound was heard coming up the steps.
Zorconi jerked Mia up the steps harder, running at top speed.
A smirk appeared on his face as he saw the time portal about 10 feet infront
of him. The ancients staff landed infront of the two, still making that
Zorconi let go of Mia to hold his ears from the sound, which the dynasty
seemed to weak to.
"Mia, get out of here" Anubis told her, as he pulled the staff out of the
"What about you?" She asked, not willing to leave.
Anubis turned towards her. "Don't worry about me, go!"
It took her a minute, but Mia ran down the steps, wich had been cleared of
all dynasty soldiers.
Once out on the street, she found the ronins.
"Where is Anubis?" Fear overcame Mia as she asked this question.
The ronins looked at each other. "We thought he was with you"
A sinical laugh came from ontop of a building, there stood
a man whom resembled Zirconi.
"The Monk is dead"