Blood Frosted Nightmares
By Angel Warlord

Chapter Ten


Mia eyes grew large. "He can't be!"
"Oh, but he is. The stupid fool tried so hard to defeat my brother, only to
be thrown into that time warp" The man laughed, apparently finding humor
in this situation.
"Zirconi is dead!" Ryo shouted.
The man looked down at them again. "True, he is. Such a shame the monk had
die from battling such a weakling like Zirconi"
"He's not dead, I know it" Mia forced the tears back. "I know it"
The man laughed again. "Pitiful girl, do you actually think he could
survive the time warp? Too bad Talpa was dystroyed, I guess I'll just
have to take over now" The man smirked evily. "Meet the new master
of the dynasty and mortal realm, Gaitin"
"We won't let you take over this realm" Kento clentched his fist. "We'll
care of you like we did Talpa!"
"I hardly think that will happen, Talpa was a fool. You all will die and I
will have the 9 armors!"


Mia sat against a tree. She was tired,hungry,dirty, and cold, but she had
to go on. The ronin warriors and her had been trying to avoid the new
Even at Mia's mansion, there was no safety. She felt little protection by
white tiger that layed beside her, only one thing would make her feel safe
again and he was "gone".
Mia looked up at the stars, it was hard to believe that she was alive.
She had indured many hardships and obstacles in her life, but she didn't
know how she would get over Anubis.
"Anubis, Where are you?"